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Purchasers of our Employment Law Posters – and Update Service – span a wide variety of industries, locations and company sizes. Choose from the links below to learn how customers in a particular industry are taking advantage of J. J. Keller's labor law expertise.

Transportation and Logistics   |  Manufacturing  |  Services   |  Finance  |  Real Estate   |  Wholesale   |  Retail

Transportation and Logistics

Reliability and timeliness crucial for transportation and logistics leader

For more than five years, an industry leader in transportation and logistics has relied on J. J. Keller to make sure its 340 terminals across the U.S. and Canada have the most current state and federal employment law posters.

With our Update Service, the publicly traded company trusts our experts to keep up with employment law changes, determine which terminals are affected and quickly deliver new posters to those locations.

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Update Service key for door and window manufacturer

With more than 20,000 employees across more than 100 locations in the U.S. Europe, Asia and Australia, the world's leading manufacturer of windows and doors turns to J. J. Keller to keep labor law posters at all U.S. locations up to date.

The company put its employment law program on autopilot with our 3-year Update Service. During those three years, J. J. Keller will take care of everything when labor laws change – and answer any posting questions the company might have.

5-Year Update Service gives manufacturer peace of mind

A leading manufacturer of building products and materials considers J. J. Keller's employment law poster resources invaluable. With over 37,000 employees and 2,000+ locations in the U.S. and Canada, the company's 5-year Update Service subscription means our experts will keep track of mandatory posting changes and send updated posters to impacted locations automatically.

Plus, the company can track poster shipments and easily manage multiple subscriptions via the Employment Law Poster Management Center.

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Worry-free compliance for national security, health & engineering company

J. J. Keller is helping a Fortune 500 national security, health and engineering solutions company with locations worldwide meet its posting needs. After researching several options, the company was impressed with our competitive volume discount pricing and purchased 400 state & federal poster sets.

By adding 3-year Update Service to their poster purchase, the company eliminated the need for constant poster audits for all locations ... making compliance worry-free!

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Ease of compliance tops list of valued benefits for banking leader

One of the nation's top 50 largest banks relies on J. J. Keller to provide 169 branches in 5 states with up-to-date state and federal employment law posters.

The commercial bank wanted to work with one company for all compliance needs, and by choosing us as their only source for all compliance information and up-to-date posters, they're saving precious time and money.

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Real Estate

Shipping convenience + competitive pricing perfect mix for real estate company

One of the top multi-family homebuilders in the nation gets its employment law posters from J. J. Keller. With a presence in over 40 geographically diverse markets across the country – and more than 1,700 employees, local contractors and subcontractors – the company needed to get compliant posters to all its locations at an affordable price.

We're taking care of shipping nearly 300 posters to the company's 150+ locations across the country. This, coupled with a competitive quantity discount, made the company's decision to order from us an easy one.

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Reliability, consistency and cost among benefits valued by plumbing distributor

With over 19,000 employees, one of the nation's largest wholesale plumbing distributors trusts J. J. Keller for more than 1,000 employment law poster sets and Update Service subscriptions, distributed to locations in all 50 states, Puerto Rico, Mexico and the Caribbean.

The company previously ordered from multiple sources for labor law posters, resulting in different pricing and styles. Our posters' consistent design and easy-to-find posting revision dates makes facility audits more efficient. Plus, competitive pricing and compliance assurance made using only our posters a sound decision. And the company made it easy for all locations to obtain posters by providing a link to a simple order form on their intranet site.

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Competitive pricing & volume discounts key for nation's largest single-price-point retailer

With thousands of stores in all 48 contiguous states, the biggest single-price-point retailer in the country turned to J. J. Keller for 6,000 posters.

Our reasonable prices and volume discounts were the key reasons the company chose us over other employment law poster providers to secure the necessary posters for their locations across the country.

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