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New Year brings wage order updates in some states

Posted November 23, 2020

If your business is in New York, Connecticut, or New Jersey, an updated wage order poster might be needed in 2021. If you’re in California, you’ll certainly need one.

Wage order posters include details about wage and hour laws and are posted in addition to the state’s minimum wage poster.

In New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut, they’re required for employers in certain industries. In California, all employers must post them. In 2021, wage order posters in California and New York, and some in New Jersey and Connecticut, will be updated with new rate information. This is a mandatory posting change, and covered employers will need to display the updated wage orders.

Who needs to post a wage order?

Wage order posters are required in:

  • New York for employers in the building service, agricultural, hospitality, and apparel industries.
  • New Jersey for employers in the agricultural, amusement, food service, and hotel and motel industries, as well as for employers who employ minors in the mercantile, beauty culture, and laundry, cleaning and dyeing industries.
  • California for all employers.
  • Connecticut for employers in the restaurant and mercantile industries.

How do I get wage order posters?

Wage orders are included with the Update Service from J. J. Keller & Associates. If you need a wage order poster, it’s included with your subscription. New wage orders are shipped to customers whenever there is a mandatory change.

The 2021 wage order posters will also be available for purchase on

This article was written by Terri Dougherty of J. J. Keller & Associates, Inc.

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