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CVSA releases 2018 Operation Safe Driver Week results

More than 10,000 citations issued to CMV drivers

Posted September 25, 2018

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) announced the results of its Operation Safe Driver Week, July 15-21, an initiative that calls attention to driver behavior, which the CVSA said is the main cause of crashes, and combating those behaviors through heightened traffic safety enforcement and educational outreach.

CVSA said that 51,000 law enforcement officers contacted more than 113,000 commercial motor vehicle (CMV) drivers and passenger vehicles, issuing 57,405 citations. CMV contacts made up 42,144 of the contacts and 10,709 of the citations issued. CMV drivers were given 29,908 warnings.

The top five citations issued to CMV drivers were:

  1. State/local laws — 6,008 citations
  2. Speeding — 1,908
  3. Failure to use a seat belt — 1,169
  4. Failure to obey a traffic control device — 754
  5. Using a handheld phone — 262

Other CMV-related statistics from Operation Safe Driver Week include:

  • 10.9 percent of driver citations were for failure to wear a seat belt
  • 123 citations for reckless, inattentive, and/or careless driving
  • 42 citations for possession, use, or under-the-influence of alcohol or drugs, or both
  • 20 texting citations were issued
  • 17 citations for operating vehicle while ill or fatigued
  • 14 citations for using or equipping CMV with a radar detector

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