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OSHA enforcement initiative targets transportation tank cleaning operations in four states

Initiative effective July 23,2021

Posted August 6, 2021

Effective July 23, OSHA has launched a new enforcement initiative to target transportation tank cleaning operations in Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Texas. Workers employed in the industry face many hazards that can lead to serious injury, illness, and death, including fire, explosions, hazardous atmosphere, and hazardous chemicals.

The targeted industries are:




General Freight Trucking, Local


Support Activities for Rail Transportation


Other Support Activities for Road Transportation


Freight Transportation Arrangement


Remediation Services


Materials Recovery Facilities


All Other Miscellaneous Waste Management Services

The initiative provides OSHA enforcement officers in the abovementioned states the authority to evaluate the employers’ workplace(s) at all programmed, unprogrammed, or other limited-scope inspections pertaining to transportation tank cleaning operations to assure that employees are being properly protected.

Area Offices will normally conduct inspections for all complaints, formal or non-formal, which contain allegations of potential worker exposure to hazards associated with transportation tank cleaning. Where applicable, Area Offices will expand all unprogrammed inspections to include all potential hazard areas addressed by the initiative.

Outreach, consultation services, and training will be provided to affected employers as requested.

This article was written by Rachel Krubsack of J. J. Keller & Associates, Inc.

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