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NIOSH announces next steps in preventing work-related skin, immune diseases

Program focuses on reducing occupational skin disorders, immune aspects of asthma

Posted August 14, 2017

The National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health recently published a snapshot on its Immune, Infectious, and Dermal Disease Prevention Program. The program works with stakeholders in industry, labor, trade associations, professional organizations, and universities to address work-related skin disorders. The program focuses on reducing:

  • Immune abnormalities (including immune aspects of asthma) associated with workplace exposures;
  • Occupational skin disorders and exposures that result in disease; and
  • Transmission of infectious diseases in the workplace.

NIOSH says it is working to better understand the impact of workplace exposures to chemicals, biological, or infectious agents on the immune system, and to increase awareness of occupational immune and dermal health issues through collaborations with industry sector programs.

Next steps for the program include:

  • Investigating how workplace exposure to chemicals influence worker susceptibility to the influenza virus and its severity;
  • Publishing research on skin exposures to nicotine from e-cigarettes liquid refills;
  • Generating detailed information on skin permeation rates on select model chemicals to predict overall skin absorption;
  • Conducting hazard identification on chemicals in the workplace and investigating their effects on the immune system;
  • Publishing research in collaboration with the National Toxicology Program on inhalation exposures to certain molds and fungi; and
  • Developing at least 20 Skin Notations profiles on the health risks of skin exposures to workplace chemicals.

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