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New electronic roadside inspection level approved by CVSA

Data elements are exchanged as CMV is in motion

Posted July 18, 2017

An inspection level that is conducted electronically or wirelessly while the commercial motor vehicle is in motion was approved by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) Board of Directors during the association’s workshop this past April. The newly created Level VIII Electronic Inspection to the North American Standard Inspection Program has no direct interaction with roadside inspectors.

Level VIII Electronic Inspection requires an exchange of specific data elements, including location (i.e., GPS coordinates), electronic validation of the driver, driver’s licensing, driver’s medical status, hours-of-service compliance, vehicle registration, operating authority, and Unified Carrier Registration (UCR) compliance.

Electronic inspections, according to CVSA, will give member jurisdictions additional interactions with motor carriers and provide data to help develop their strategies. Level VIII Inspections also allows enforcement to focus on high-risk motor carriers.

For motor carriers, by communicating real-time safety compliance data, delays associated with roadside inspections will be reduced.

Before Level VIII Electronic Inspections can become a reality, member jurisdictions must develop the necessary information technology (IT) infrastructure to support the endeavor. At this time, no member jurisdiction has IT capable of capturing the data to meet CVSA’s definition of Level VIII Electronic Inspection.

Level VIII Electronic Inspections is strictly voluntary for member jurisdictions, and there is no deadline for implementation. CVSA will monitor and discuss the progress of implementing the new inspection type during the organization’s committee meetings over the coming years.

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