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New OSHA webpage focuses on radiation emergency preparedness

Information geared toward worker safety and health in event of radiation exposure

Posted March 22, 2019

OSHA has released a new webpage on radiation emergency preparedness that it says is intended to help protect the safety and health of workers during situations ranging from small, isolated incidents in laboratories to potentially catastrophic radiation releases at nuclear facilities. The information is geared toward workers and employers who may be involved in emergency response operations or related activities during or following a radiation emergency, as well as those who may be impacted by radiation emergencies, but who do not have emergency response roles.

OSHA notes that although radiation emergencies can result in worker exposure to many different types of hazards (e.g., fire, explosions), the webpage primarily focuses on the hazards of ionizing radiation.

Exposure to ionizing radiation—especially at higher doses—increases the risk of developing health effects. Signs and symptoms can range from blood cell changes and skin burns to radiation sickness, cancer, and death.

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