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Executive Order targets Clean Power Plan and climate policies

Agencies to identify regulatory obstacles to energy production

Posted March 30, 2017

On March 28, the President signed yet another Executive Order, this time on energy and environmental policy. According to a senior administration official, the Energy Independence Executive Order will initiate a review of:

  • EPA’s Clean Power Plan, a carbon rule for existing power plants;
  • EPA’s carbon rules for new power plants;
  • EPA’s methane regulations for oil and gas production; and
  • Bureau of Land Management’s hydraulic fracturing regulations.

The order would also rescind the following policies and documents, among others, from the previous administration:

  • The coal moratorium on public lands;
  • Presidential memos on the Climate Action Plan;
  • A document on reducing methane emissions;
  • Certain climate change guidance; and
  • Estimates on the social cost of greenhouse gases.

In addition, the senior administration official explained that the latest White House order would direct federal agencies to identify all regulations, rules, policies, and guidance that may pose obstacles or impediments to domestic energy production. Over the next several months, the agencies would work with the White House to review plans that will serve as a blueprint for the administration’s energy policy.

The Executive Order is available at

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