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EPA issues contingency plan for agency shutdown

Only activities considered exempted or excepted will continue

Posted January 21, 2019

EPA has issued a contingency plan providing general guidance for the Agency and its staff during the shutdown. Examples of activities related to EPA that the agency may continue to perform include:

  • Providing for homeland and national security, including the conduct of foreign relations essential to national security; or
  • Personal services necessary to respond to emergencies involving the safety of human life or the protection of property, where the threat to human life or property is imminent, including:
    • Activities essential to ensure continued public health and safety, including safe use of food and drugs and safe use of hazardous materials;
    • Protection of federal lands, buildings, equipment, research property, and other property owned by the United States;
    • Law enforcement and criminal investigations; and
    • Emergency and disaster assistance.

Only the minimum staff and support services necessary to continue the above-listed functions will be maintained. The Agency says it will not incur any new obligations during the shutdown.

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