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Knowledge You Can Trust from J. J. Keller Client Service Specialists

Our services reduce your administrative burden and increase your peace of mind by relieving you of complex, labor-intensive regulatory tasks and compliance monitoring. By partnering with us, you'll have more time to focus on your day-to-day operations.

Meet Our Team

Below are just some of J. J. Keller's dynamic team of Client Service Specialists that help businesses, large and small, deal with the complex and constantly evolving regulations that affect operations every day.

Rob Johnson

Rob Johnson

Strategic Accounts Manager — 22 years

Clients value the level of service we provide to facilitate the management of contracted services. They recognize our level of regulatory knowledge and expertise, along with our long standing experience in assisting organizations to meet necessary regulatory requirements. We work hard to become an extension of their company and align our efforts with their safety goals and initiatives. We strive to not only meet but "exceed" expectations, service levels, and compliance results.

Ultimately, to assist them in meeting regulatory needs, reduce administrative burden, and drive overall compliance with driver/employee and vehicle legalization management. Our programs create standardization and ongoing expectations for all within an organization. In addition, we make great efforts to create relationships from executive leadership all the way to location level contacts that administer our programs daily.

One big area of assistance is our ability to help prepare clients for DOT audits. We are able to work with clients to identify risks, exposure, and necessary corrective actions. In many instances, clients come to us with non-compliant programs. We can then advise, direct, and collaborate to build "world-class" compliance programs that will reduce risk and exposure, elevate overall safety for daily operations, and better prepare organizations in the event of a DOT audit.

I get a great sense of satisfaction in assisting companies to create solutions specific to their operations. Ultimately, our jobs are to assist in making sure the employees for the companies we provide services for stay safe and compliant. We have standard program management for our services, but in many cases, we identify that companies have unique and specific requirements that we are able to build specific processes to meet company requirements. The regulatory climate is always changing, which requires us to be innovative and provide solutions that make meeting requirements easier for the client.

Kimberly Kimball

Kimberly Kimball

Client Service Specialist for Hours of Service Management Service — 7 years

My goal when working with my clients is to always ensure their needs are met. I do this by providing notification and reporting to help clients be proactive rather than reactive. I also strive to build personal relationships with my clients, so I can better understand their organization and how they do business.

My relationship with my clients is professional, personal and trusting. It's important to understand the individual needs and struggles of each contact, so I can help them to achieve their goals. Each location contact may be facing a different challenge, so part of our relationship involves establishing goals and metrics to determine success.

I believe the benefit the client values most is the customer service we provide. They know their emails and phone calls will always be answered, and they trust us to help them with their compliance. My success is based on the success of my clients, so I take a very personal, vested interest in providing the best service possible.

Aaron Lehman

Aaron Lehman

Client Service Specialist for DOT Drug & Alcohol Testing Program Management Service — 2 years

My goal is to always provide our clients with the quickest and most thorough execution of their needs. By responding with urgency to their requests, my clients understand that I'm dedicated to their success. This helps them see me as a valuable part of their team.

One of our clients was having difficulty determining when to administer a pre-employment test for employees switching between PHMSA and FMCSA drug pools. With employees switching between pools so frequently, our client was uneasy about trusting their administrators to consistently and accurately determine when an employee needed a pre-employment test. I discovered a code for an Excel spreadsheet to make this determination based on the employee's file, and have it update in real-time so it remains accurate through time. It has been valuable to the client by saving them time, ensuring compliance, and ultimately making their lives easier.

Our clients appreciate the technology, expertise, and guidance that we provide daily, and the time saved and peace of mind that comes with it. We help our clients tackle the large, difficult, and complex problems they all inevitably face.

Kari DuBois

Kari DuBois

Director of Managed Services for Major Accounts — 27 years

Managed Services clients trust J. J. Keller for their commitment to regulatory and compliance expertise. Our Client Service Specialists are rank #1 for their unwavering dedication. Knowing they have a dedicated person there to answer the phone who understands their business is a great benefit to our clients.

Our goal is to completely understand the company's yearly objective specific to compliance and safety. Our team can then align themselves to ensure we are in sync with our clients reaching/exceeding their goals.

There are many components of my job that I appreciate. It would be hard to choose one area. However, working with J. J. Keller clients is so rewarding. Facilitating training sessions, collaborating on compliance campaigns and customizing programs is amazing to be a part of.

Emily Rueth

Emily Rueth

Client Service Specialist for Driver Qualification File Management Service — 3 years

Clients value and appreciate the level of regulatory knowledge and guidance that we provide. It is beneficial to contact someone directly for assistance with Driver Qualification files, information about regulatory changes, and guidance during a DOT audit.

My goal is to develop and maintain a business partnership that is centered around proactive problem solving, ongoing training and education, and continuous evaluation of each company's specific needs and processes.

My favorite part of my job is every day presents a new challenge or opportunity, which not only helps me learn and grow in my position, but also opens the door to implement new ideas and solutions for my clients.

Tracy Tayek

Tracy Tayek

Client Service Specialist for Vehicle Title & Registration Services — 4 years

J. J. Keller received a fax from a state in regard to a client's IFTA account. The state could no longer issue additional IFTA decals to this client as their account had been suspended. J. J. Keller immediately began working with the state and discovered the account had been suspended due to the state advising the quarterly taxes were filed incorrectly. After further investigation, J. J. Keller concluded the state had miscalculated their numbers. J. J. Keller worked out the differences with the state and had the client's IFTA account placed in good standing. J. J Keller resolved the issue in less than an hour.

My clients value our dedication to them and know they can trust us to keep them compliant. They know that I am simply a phone call away. When I begin working with a new client, I always explain my role and encourage them to call as often as needed.

Sara Folk

Sara Folk

Sr. Managed Services Manager for Primary Accounts — 10 years

Clients value our knowledge and passion for compliance. When the client calls J. J. Keller, they know they will always be given #1 priority and attention. Our Managed Services associates feel they make a difference by helping clients reach beyond compliance.

The ultimate team goal is to provide "Best-In-Class" service delivery and client service. This means putting our heart and soul into every aspect of what we do.

A client signed an agreement for Driver Qualification and Drug and Alcohol services. This client was very decentralized with corporate support, but corporate lacked authority to make changes or hold locations accountable. The first step in the process was to start implementation and the initial audit. Corporate contacts were very involved, which sped up the process; however, there were many roadblocks along the way, especially since locations did not view this as an important part of their job.

I made a trip out to meet with all the regional contacts to discuss the importance of compliance. That trip allowed us to get Regional Safety Director buy in, and we started seeing the West region pick up the pace for compliance. As they continued down the path of increasing compliance, their (West Region) determination was applauded and rewarded. Soon, the other two regions followed suit. Through a lot of webinars and education, the client compliance grew to 95%. Meeting with the client face to face allows for the partnership to take hold and provide a strong foundation to create a culture of safety.

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