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HazCom, HAZWOPER, HazWaste, and Hazmat 101: A Day in the Life of a Chemical

One out of every four workers in the United States comes into contact with hazardous chemicals on the job. More than 900,000 chemical products are used in U.S. workplaces every day and millions of tons are transported across the country each year. Chemical exposure may cause or contribute to many serious health effects, and as we mentioned throughout today’s webcast, some chemicals may also be safety hazards and have the potential to cause fires, explosions, and other serious accidents.

And that potential danger is always present wherever and whenever chemicals are at your company… when they’re received, stored, used, and shipped. This requires that employees be trained, containers be labeled, releases be cleaned up, and waste be disposed of properly. The transport, storage, use, and disposal of hazardous chemicals is regulated by a variety of regulations, depending upon whether the chemical is on the road, in storage, being used, or is being disposed of. These steps are part of a typical day in the life of a chemical.

Complying with these hazardous chemical regulations is not only required, but they can help you protect your employees, your facility, and your company.


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