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ELDs, ELogs and Fleet Technology

The ELD mandate – also known as the ELogs mandate – requires the use of ELDs by interstate drivers of commercial motor vehicles who must record their hours of service.

”The FMCSA published the ELD mandate on December 16, 2015. Motor carriers had until December 18, 2017, to comply with the new electronic logging rule. Carriers with AOBRDs already in service were allowed to use them until December 16, 2019. As of December 17, 2019, all drivers that are required to use an electronic log must be using an ELD.”

Additionally, individual states are changing and adopting ELD regulations, and intrastate carriers are waiting to see whether their state will be among them. FMCSA and state investigators are also becoming more aware of ELog data and how to audit onsite and at roadside inspections.

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Electronic Logging Solutions

Turn to one company for all your electronic logging needs. J. J. Keller provides a wide range of electronic logbook solutions, from ELogs to fleet technology to data management. We'll help you go beyond the ELD to fully comply with hours-of-service regulations and navigate complex topics, like personal conveyance and unassigned driving events.

J. J. Keller® ELogs (011650)


J. J. Keller® ELDs help you get up and running with quick ELD device installation, superior support and free training resources. Our electronic logging devices are FMCSA certified and work with all vehicle classes. Plus, your truck drivers can use their existing iPhone®, iPad® and Android™ smart devices with the free Encompass® ELD app formerly known as KellerMobile, which we've designed with CMV drivers in mind.

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J. J. Keller® Compliance Tablet™ (013202)

Compliance Tablet

The J. J. Keller Compliance Tablet™ provides you with a simple, turnkey ELD solution. Pre-loaded with the Encompass® ELD app formerly known as KellerMobile, the tablet provides 4G network coverage and saves you the hassle of securing compatible devices and data plans. The tablet is fully supported and can be combined with iPad®-, iPhone®- and Android™-compatible devices for increased flexibility.

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Fleet Management

The J. J. Keller® Encompass® Fleet Management System helps you reduce your risk and automate your regulatory tasks. With Encompass, you can manage all aspects of driver and unit compliance, plus automate your workflow for driver qualification, hours of service, hiring and much more. When paired with J. J. Keller ELDs, Encompass monitors engine data to help you improve driver and vehicle performance. All data is stored on the cloud for instant accessibility across your organization.

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J. J. Keller® Hours of Service Management Service

Data Management

The J. J. Keller® Hours of Service Management Service makes data management easy. Our proprietary system collects and aggregates your driver data from ELDs, paper logs and driver time sheets. Then, a dedicated Compliance Specialist helps you interpret the data and improve your compliance in areas like unassigned driving time.

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Encompass eDVIR App

The J. J. Keller® Encompass eDVIR App is an electronic DVIR application that allows you to customize vehicle inspections and time tracking. Included for all Encompass subscribers (Android, iPhone and iPad devices), the app requires no hardware and is ideal for mixed fleets and non-regulated drivers.

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Featured Compliance Resources

The transportation experts for over 60 years, we've been helping fleets like yours with regulatory compliance since 1953.


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Supporting Documents & the ELD Rule: What You Need to Know

While supporting documents are not meant to validate drive time, they're still needed to verify on-duty not driving time. Learn about the requirements and how to audit your logs using supporting documents.

DOT & ELD Guidance Blog

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24/7 Customer Support

Need customer support? Contact us at 800-327-1342. We have over 60 Customer Care Specialists to take your calls.
Roadside Inspection Hotline – During roadside inspections, your truck drivers can receive assistance with the Encompass® ELD app formerly known as KellerMobile, by calling our toll-free helpline.
Free Driver Training Resources – We provide videos, guides and cab cards to help your CMV drivers understand mandate requirements, how to use our ELogs app, what to expect during roadside inspections and more.
DataQs Assistance – We'll save you time and frustration by providing compliance experts to review and file DataQs challenges on your behalf.
Undeniable Accuracy – Our in-house transportation experts have 220 years of combined regulatory expertise. They closely monitor regulations, work with federal and state agencies, and develop patented solutions to simplify compliance.
Hours-of-Service Scrutiny – We understand hours-of-service exceptions and build rule sets into our system to help protect your compliance program and your brand.


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