J. J. Keller® DOT Drug & Alcohol Testing Program Management Service

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J. J. Keller® DOT Drug & Alcohol Testing Program Management Service (04696)
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With J. J. Keller® Drug & Alcohol Program Management Service, you won't waste time tracking down test results, reconciling invoices, or scrambling at year-end to meet the required testing percentages. Instead, you'll have the peace of mind that comes from knowing the job is being done right by an industry leader in compliance management. Rely on J. J. Keller to fully manage your DOT Drug & Alcohol Testing Program.

This comprehensive service includes:

  • Maintaining the driver testing pool.
  • Performing quarterly random selection of drivers for Federal DOT drug and alcohol testing.
  • Maintaining confidential drug and alcohol files in accordance with the regulatory requirements for Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulation (FMCSR), Parts 40 and 382.
  • 24/7 access to reports and test results information.
  • Ongoing client support from a dedicated Client Service Specialist who works with you to help you ensure compliance.

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Our services are priced based on your specific needs. Find out how J. J. Keller can help you meet your compliance goals. Talk with a compliance specialist today at: 888-473-4638 or fill out the form and we'll get in contact with you.

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The J. J. Keller® DOT Drug & Alcohol Program Management Service relieves you of the detailed tasks associated with managing a DOT compliant drug & alcohol program. You can focus on your day-to-day operations knowing that your testing is handled by experience Client Service Specialists who closely monitor your compliance.

Key benefits:

  • Ensure Compliance – J. J. Keller closely monitors the regulations and provides guidance how they impact your specific situation
  • Minimize risk and exposure to DOT penalties for drug & alcohol non-compliance J. J. Keller:
    • Manages all your testing (pre-employment, reasonable suspicion, random, return-to-duty, post-accident, and follow-up) to ensure your company is compliant with the DOT requirements.
    • Creates electronic images of all testing documents and stores them in a centralized database for your entire operation.
    • Offers a consortium for small companies. Drivers are entered in a random selection pool and selected based on DOT requirements.
  • Get Results Fast – Receive immediate notification of positive tests so you can take immediate action with those drivers. (97% of the test results are returned and posted on the online client portal within 48 hours)
  • Reduce Overhead – Minimize costs of in-house expertise related to drug & alcohol testing and relieve your accounting departing with J. J. Keller® consolidated billing (receive a single monthly bill for all drug and alcohol testing).
  • Centralize and standardize processes across your operating locations
  • Get reports 24/7 – Access your test results and get helpful reporting anytime through your secure online portal. Reports include:
    • Drug & Alcohol Testing Annual Results Summary – Overview of all drug and alcohol tests conducted
    • MIS Data Collection – Provides the drug and alcohol testing information necessary to complete the DOT's required annual drug and alcohol testing form
    • Random Selection Pool – List of all employees pulled for a random selection pool
    • Random Tracking – Corporate report to track the random drug and alcohol tests
    • Testing Report by Test Reason – Details all testing completed
    • File Deficiencies Report – Drug & alcohol file deficiencies
    • Percent Compliant – Shows the number and percent of active drivers in compliance by location
    • Employee (Driver) List – Provides an overview of drivers and their compliance status
  • Audit Support – In the event of an audit, J. J. Keller® experts will prepare your records and manage the entire process
  • Meet Recordkeeping Requirements – Your documents will be retained at J. J. Keller and purged according to regulatory timelines.

Non-DOT Drug Free Workplace services also available.

Call us toll free at 888-473-4638 for a no-obligation discussion. Or, if you prefer, fill out the form at the bottom of the page to learn more!

J. J. Keller Program Management vs. Common Programs

Many companies rely on third-party providers (TPA), or in-house resources to manage DOT-required drug and alcohol testing. Generally speaking, these programs are focused on the transactional functions of drug and alcohol testing and not the overall program management.

Process Description Common Programs J. J. Keller Considerations
Company DOT Drug & Alcohol Policy Review – assistance and management of DOT compliant policy.   checkmark Your company policy is the foundation for your drug and alcohol testing program, and should be reviewed regularly. Without an accurate, compliant policy in place, you could be putting your company at risk for non-compliance fines and litigation.
Company Reasonable Cause Supervisor Training Procedure Review   checkmark Our trained compliance experts can deliver Reasonable Suspicion training to your staff so they can determine whether to require a driver to undergo reasonable suspicion drug or alcohol testing.
Drug & Alcohol File Auditing and Retention   checkmark We'll perform a comprehensive initial audit, and ongoing auditing and maintenance to be sure your files are up to date. We'll retain your records per the DOT requirements, and help you prepare them for an audit/intervention.
Testing Paperwork Retention checkmark Results checkmark All Required We image and retain all required testing paperwork so it's available when you need it. Easily query it on demand from your company's online portal, or request it from your client service specialist.
Non-Compliance Notification & Follow-Up (minimum requirements of §40 & 382)   checkmark We make sure you are notified of non-compliance issues, and we follow-up to be sure corrective action was completed.
Drug Pool/Consortium Management   checkmark J. J. Keller is a full service third party administrator. We maintain your company drug pool, or include your drivers in our consortium.
Random Selections checkmark checkmark We ensure your random selections get pulled accurately, and you meet year-end testing requirements.
Collection Site Set-up – clinic site identification checkmark checkmark We work directly with collection sites on your behalf to coordinate testing. We operate a nationwide network of clinics. If there's a clinic that's not on the list, we'll work to add them.
Collection Site Management – complete coordination and collaboration of clinic management, invoicing and error correction. checkmark checkmark Your client service specialist will work directly with collection sites to be sure testing invoices are paid promptly, and overall service is satisfactory.
Supply & Distribution of Chain of Custody Forms checkmark checkmark Using the wrong chain of custody form, or completing it incorrectly is a common weak link in drug and alcohol testing. We supply and distribute the proper forms to everyone involved.
Laboratory and Medical Review Officer (MRO) Services Coordination checkmark checkmark Proactive When you need a Medical Review Officer, we coordinate this process from start to finish.
Test Result Processing & Reporting checkmark checkmark Proactive We take the guesswork out of what test to use, who to test, and when to test.
Proactive Monitoring on all Outstanding Tests – coordination of all tests to resolution across all locations providing uniform adherence to DOT and company policy.   checkmark Your client service specialist will proactively monitor the status of all your testing, and work with your location managers to make sure tests are accurately completed.
Annual Statistical Tracking & Reporting checkmark checkmark Keeping testing documentation and ensuring year-end testing percentages is critical to avoiding intervention or audit. We make sure your program is accurately maintained.
Dedicated Program Client Service Specialist Varies checkmark Experienced compliance specialists are assigned to work with your company. You'll know who to call when you need help, and we'll establish a positive working relationship you can count on. Our average services team member has been with us for over 15 years.
Invoice Reconciliation/Consolidation   checkmark You will receive one consolidated invoice for all involved services. We coordinate payment of clinics, lab and MRO on your behalf.
Regulatory Guidance   checkmark J. J. Keller's foundation is regulatory compliance. In addition to having dedicated client service specialists, our clients have access to DOT Transportation Safety editors and experienced safety consultants.
  1. What if my company doesn't have a drug and alcohol testing policy?
    J. J. Keller will help you develop a DOT or non-regulated driver policy specifically for your company as needed.

  2. Who will have access to the web site for viewing information?
    Your company identifies who should have access to information based on job function and responsibility. Security measures include incryption of data and password protected access.

  3. Will I need to be in contact with the labs and clinics?
    No. J. J. Keller manages the communication with clinics and labs on your behalf.

  4. When I call J. J. Keller regarding my account, who will be my contact?
    You will be assigned a dedicated account representative with a knowledgeable backup support team.

  5. Will I receive separate invoices from J. J. Keller, the clinics, and the labs?
    No. You will receive one detailed invoice from J. J. Keller with summaries for each service provided.

  6. How will I know when a driver/employee needs to be randomly tested?
    J. J. Keller notifies the client with a traceable mail letter to the designated company contact, and follows up with a phone call to answer any questions.

  7. What types of tests does J. J. Keller offer?
    J. J. Keller offers random selection, reasonable suspicion, post-accident, return-to-duty, and pre-employment testing.

  8. What is the turnaround time for test results?
    Industry leading turnaround: 97% of tests are returned and posted on your web portal within 48 hours.

  9. If I have a regulatory question, can I speak with a consultant?
    Absolutely. J. J. Keller consultants and advisors are available via phone or e-mail to answer your regulatory questions.

  10. How many collection sites does J. J. Keller offer?
    J. J. Keller works with over 8,000+ clinics nationwide. If you prefer a clinic that is not a current partner, J. J. Keller will add that clinic to our network at no charge.

  11. Is my company responsible for managing the correct testing forms?
    J. J. Keller helps ensure that required forms are utilized, including chain-of-custody forms.

  12. What happens after I sign the agreement to work with J. J. Keller?
    A client implementation specialist will work with you and your key staff to implement the drug and alcohol testing process at your company. We'll guide you every step of the way.

  13. What happens if my company is selected for a DOT audit?
    J. J. Keller prepares your files for the audit and works closely with you throughout the process. Our goal is to help you easily pass the audit.

  14. How do small companies meet random selection requirements?
    J. J. Keller offers a consortium for small companies. Drivers are entered into a random selection pool and selected based on DOT requirements.

  15. I have a small fleet and need to be part of a drug & alcohol pool.
    J. J. Keller offers a consortium for small companies. Drivers are entered in a random selection pool based on DOT requirements. Pricing for consortium services starts at just one driver.

  16. How many clinics do you work with?
    J. J. Keller works with over 8,000 clinics nationwide. We are constantly adding new clinics. Contact a compliance specialist today to better understand our network of clinics.

  17. What are your support hours if my driver is in an accident?
    Our compliance specialists are available 24/7 to help clients determine if a post-accident test is needed.

Call us toll free at 888-473-4638 for a no-obligation discussion. Or, if you prefer, fill out the form at the bottom of the page and we'll be in touch with you soon!

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