Slips, Trips and Falls

Walking-Working Surfaces

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, slips, trips and falls cause the majority of general industry workplace accidents and cost employers billions of dollars each year in lost productivity and business. The good news is that OSHA believes many of these injuries can be prevented by following existing regulations and recommended safe work practices.

OSHA regulates slips, trips & falls under Subpart D, "Walking-Working Surfaces." These requirements apply to all general industry workplaces. It also covers all walking and work surfaces within these workplaces regardless of operations, including floors, aisles, stairs, ladders, platforms, roofs, etc. View compliance deadlines.

Under these regulations, employers are required to identify and evaluate slip, trip and fall hazards and provide appropriate personal protective equipment, conduct regular and periodic inspections and maintenance of all walking and work surfaces in their workplace, and provide training that enables employees to recognize the hazards of falling and the procedures to be followed to minimize these hazards.

This can be a real challenge for employers, but these requirements provide critical steps in reducing or eliminating slip hazards, trip hazards and fall hazards in your workplace.

Want to learn more? Download our Walking-Working Surfaces: OSHA Takes Major Steps to Overhaul Slips, Trips, and Falls Standard Whitepaper for a more detailed overview.

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When must employers comply?

The majority of the new requirements under Subpart D were effective January 17, 2017; however, OSHA has extended the compliance dates for a few requirements, as specified below.


Understand the Requirements

Workplace Inspections & Audits Manual

Workplace Inspections & Audits Manual

Catch potential OSHA violations before the government does with the Workplace Inspections & Audits Manual. You’ll get the print and online edition, plus 1-year update service.

OSHA Manuals

OSHA General Industry Manuals

Both OSHA General Industry Manuals offer explanations of OSHA workplace safety regulations, including a new section on the Walking-Working Surfaces Rule. You’ll get the print and online editions, plus 1-year update service.

OSHA Compliance Industry-Specific Manuals

OSHA Compliance Industry-Specific Manuals

Each industry-specific manual has been developed for different industries (transportation, retail, healthcare & warehousing) to aid in OSHA compliance. You’ll get the print and online editions, plus 1-year update service.

Workplace Safety Manuals

Workplace Safety Manuals

Get the information you need to correct potential OSHA violations and maintain a safe and compliant workplace with these workplace safety manuals. You’ll get the print and online editions, plus 1-year update service.

KellerOnline® Safety Management Tool and OSHA Compliance Information

KellerOnline® Tool

Get how-to-comply guidance for walking and work surfaces with the KellerOnline® safety management tool. Use this comprehensive resource to plan and execute the Rule, including inspections, checklists, safety plans, and training. Plus, get info covering over 900 additional topics.

Workplace Compliance Newsletters

Workplace Compliance Newsletters

Get up-to-date OSHA safety and compliance news with the workplace compliance newsletters.

Comply with the Requirements

Slips, Trips and Falls General Industry Training

Slips, Trips & Falls Training for General Industry

Learn about the Walking-Working Surfaces rule & how to comply, including OSHA ladder & fall protection requirements with many training programs in multiple formats.

Fall Protection PPE

Fall Protection PPE

Protect your workers from potential workplace hazards with our broad selection of Personal Protective Equipment, including fall protection harnesses, limiters, lanyards and more.

Strengthen Your Compliance Program

J. J. Keller® Walking-Working Surfaces Compliance Assessment

Walking-Working Surfaces Consulting Services

Let our experts customize and deliver on-site regulatory guidance and safety improvements through Walking-Working Surfaces Compliance Assessment and Walking-Working Surfaces Training Services. Ensure compliance with hazard assessments and training specific to your organization.

Slips, Trips & Falls Charts/Posters

Slips, Trips & Falls Charts/Posters

Help employees identify slip, trip & fall hazards and prevent and respond to workplace injuries with awareness posters and charts.

Slips, Trips, and Falls Signs

Slips, Trips and Falls Signs, Labels & Tags

Communicate safety messages with signs, labels & tags indicating slip hazards, trip hazards and fall hazards. Plus, choose from thousands of other safety signs, or create your own custom sign.

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Did you know?

The NEW Walking-Working Surfaces Rule affects more than 100 million workers and approximately 6.7 million workplaces, including:

  • Manufacturing
  • Warehousing
  • Utilities
  • Oil & gas extraction
  • Retailers
  • Offices

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