Operation Safe Driver identifies risky driving behaviors

Enforcement issues over 20,000 citations and warnings

Posted December 9, 2016

Over 20,000 citations and warnings were issued to commercial motor vehicle (CMV) drivers and private passenger-vehicle drivers during the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s (CVSA’s) annual enforcement campaign against unsafe driving behaviors.

CVSA’s Operation Safe Driver Week took place October 16-22, 2016, at locations across the United States and Canada, and yielded the following results.

Top 5 unsafe behaviors

CVSA reports the following as the top five warnings and citations issued to CMV drivers:

  1. State and local moving violations – 56.7 percent
  2. Speeding – 19.6 percent
  3. Failure to obey traffic control device – 7.6 percent
  4. Failing to use seatbelt while operating CMV – 7.1 percent
  5. Using a handheld phone – 2.4 percent

In comparison, warnings and citations issued to private passenger-vehicle drivers ranked as follows:

  1. Speeding – 39.4 percent
  2. State and local moving Violations – 37.1 percent
  3. Failing to use seat belt – 11.7 percent
  4. Failure to obey traffic control device – 1.9 percent
  5. Inattentive and/or careless driving – 1.5 percent

Event overview

As a result of Operation Safe Driver Week, 20,648 total citations or warnings were issued throughout the United States and Canada, of which:

  • 19,657 citations or warnings were in the United States, and
  • 991 were in Canada.

Enforcement reported citing or warning:

  • 9,466 private passenger-vehicle drivers, and
  • 11,182 CMV drivers.

More information

View a chart detailing 2016 Operation Safe Driver Week results on the CVSA website.

For additional information on CVSA’s annual event, visit the CVSA website.

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