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CARM launch postponed until October 2024

Internal launch still set for May 13

Posted April 26, 2024

Potential strike action by Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) employees has prompted the CBSA to delay the launch of the CBSA Assessment and Revenue Management (CARM) portal for trade chain partners until October 2024.

CARM is a digital plan created to streamline and update duty and tax collection processes for commercial goods imported into Canada. The CBSA has announced that CARM will still launch internally for certain groups on May 13, regardless of the strike vote which is currently underway.

All other trade chain partners will be able to use the portal for CBSA business in October. This includes exporters, lawyers, accountants, carriers, and other service providers.

Important dates

By October 2024, CARM will be the official recording system importers and other trade chain partners use to pay taxes and duties.

April 26:

  • Importers and customs brokers must register their businesses on the CARM client portal before April 26.
  • Customs bonded warehouse licensees must submit their inventory by file transfer by April 26 (option 1).

May 13:

  • Trade consultants will have access to the portal and can acquire a business number and program identifier on May 13.
  • Financial security providers must set up the application programing interface before May 13 and register with the CBSA and acquire a program identifier after May 13.
  • Customs bonded warehouse licensees must submit inventory capture via Electronic Data Interchange or Application Program Interface between May 13-27 (option 2).

What happens next?

The importers who have already registered for the portal represent over 92 percent of the volume of goods imported into Canada. Trade chain partners have been working to prepare these approximately 71,500 importers and industry stakeholders to:

  • Register ahead of the launch date,
  • Help avoid potential border delays, and
  • Increase the uptake of importers in the CARM portal.

Members will be contacted over the coming months about outstanding CARM-related issues. Fleets that could be more directly impacted by CARM delays will also be assessed and contacted if needed.

For more information on CARM, please click here. To schedule an interview on CARM with a CBSA representative, please contact Canada Border Services

Agency Media Relations at

This article was written by Lucero Truszkowski of J. J. Keller & Associates, Inc.

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