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ATRI detention survey alert

Drivers have until April 26 to participate

Posted March 29, 2024

The American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) is calling for truck drivers to participate in its detention survey to collect data about driver experiences at customer facilities.

Using a short, confidential, online survey to gather data, ATRI is asking truckers to share details on their experiences with driver detention and the impacts it has on their day-to-day and professional routines.

The online version of this survey will help ATRI get nationwide input to gain a more complete overview of drivers’ perception of detention periods.

What is driver detention?

Driver detention is the time a driver spends waiting at the shipper or receiver outside of loading and unloading time. Detention time is historically problematic in the trucking industry and has negative impacts on:

  • Drivers,
  • Shippers,
  • Carriers, and
  • The overall economy.

What’s the point?

The results of this detention survey will help inform a larger ATRI study on how the trucking industry is impacted and affected by detention. The goal is to identify solutions for managing driver detention times nationwide.

How can you participate?

ATRI asks drivers to complete the survey by April 26, 2024. You can take the survey by clicking here.

Some of the questions include asking:

  • Which sector you operate in,
  • Your typical vehicle configuration,
  • The percentage of stops you make with certain delay times,
  • Your average stops per week,
  • Your average detention pay rates, and
  • If you’ve ever left a job due to excessive detention times.


    This article was written by Lucero Truszkowski of J. J. Keller & Associates, Inc.

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