OSHA reschedules hearing on Beryllium rule

Proposed rule would regulate occupational exposure to beryllium

Posted February 18, 2016

OSHA is rescheduling the informal public hearing on its proposed rule, “Occupational Exposure to Beryllium and Beryllium Compounds.” The public hearing will now begin on Monday March 21, 2016, at 2 p.m., EST.

The public hearing notice was published in the Federal Register on December 30, 2015. The proposed rule was published in the Federal Register on August 7, 2015 and the 90-day public comment period ended on November 5, 2015.

The proposed rule would promulgate a substance-specific standard for general industry, regulating occupational exposure to beryllium and beryllium compounds.

The Washington, D.C. hearing will be held in Room N4437 A, B, C, D at the Frances Perkins Building, U.S. Department of Labor, 200 Constitution Avenue NW., Washington, DC 20210.

For more information see www.federalregister.gov.


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