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ANSI/ASSE revise consensus standard on LOTO

2016 revision replaces 2003 edition

Posted January 18, 2017

The 2016 edition of ANSI/ASSE Z244.1-2016, Control of Hazardous Energy: Lockout, Tagout, and Alternative Methods, is now available. The standard specifies how to use locks, warning tags, and other methods to control a machine’s energy supplies. Using these methods helps to ensure servicing, maintenance, and repair personnel are not injured by the release of hazardous energy or the unanticipated startup of the equipment.

This revision considers the roles of three stakeholders:

  • The manufacturer or supplier of the equipment,
  • The purchaser, or user, of the machinery, and
  • The personnel who follow lockout/tagout (LOTO) procedures.

By following Z244.1-2016, the manufacturer or supplier keeps LOTO in mind when designing and building machinery. The user of the machine depends on the supplier’s incorporation of energy-isolating devices into the equipment, and establishes a hazardous energy control program. The mechanics or other personnel who conduct servicing, maintenance, and repair operations follow the machine’s LOTO procedures established in the hazardous energy control program.

The 2016 revision of ANSI/ASSE Z244.1 replaces the 2003 edition (which was reaffirmed in 2014). It is available through the ANSI Webstore.

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