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May 31 2023

Avoiding a DOT Audit: Ways to Stay Off the Enforcement Radar

From 2021 to 2022 audits have increased 54% and fines and penalties also increased up 40%! Preparing for a DOT audit seems like a great plan, but it's like calling an attorney after you need one. It's better to stay off the radar in the first place by avoiding situations that are likely to trigger an audit.

Join us for an informative webcast with our subject-matter experts who have well over 50+ years of combined industry experience to learn:
• The difference between an audit and a compliance review
• The 6 Factors of a review
• If a violation is “acute” or “critical”
• How to use the Safety Management Cycle to stay compliant

This complimentary event will include a live Q&A session.

Jun 01 2023

Unsafe Driving — Identifying, Managing, and Reducing Risky Behaviors

If your CSA Unsafe Driving score is inching upward or already above the intervention threshold, you could have a greater crash risk than your competitors. But you can reverse the trend.

Join us for an expert-led discussion for practical guidance on how to:

• Uncover unsafe driving root causes using the Safety Management Cycle
• Evaluate your entire operation for risk
• Build accountability and change dangerous behaviors

Don't miss this engaging, informative webcast. Bring your questions for Q&A with our experts. Register today!

Jun 01 2023

Workplace Incidents: Investigations are Key to Prevention

An incident or near-miss investigation shouldn’t stop upon finding an obvious cause; it should continue until all underlying factors are identified. If those root causes aren’t identified and addressed, they’ll continue to generate incidents. Effectively addressing the root causes should help prevent recurrence, which translates to fewer injuries.
Among other topics, this webcast will cover:
• Preparing and training to conduct effective investigations.
• Tips for conducting interviews and watching for blame-shifting.
• Selecting and presenting corrective actions to decision-makers.
• Addressing behavioral causes such as complacency, resistance to change, and pressure to take safety shortcuts.
This free event will also include a live Q&A session!

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