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J. J. Keller® Consulting
Recognized as a Fastest-Growing Firm

Consulting Magazine Names J. J. Keller’s Safety & Compliance Consulting Services to List of Fastest-Growing Firms for Six Straight Year

Q. Why have J. J. Keller® Consulting services become so popular among so many clients?

A. Over the past few years we’ve recognized a growing demand among companies for help designing and developing a holistic safety and compliance program. As a result, we offer program management services in the areas of transportation and hazmat, and workplace safety and environmental compliance. Our programs are based on a customized safety program management methodology and system that creates structure and effective processes that enable these companies to achieve best-in-class safety and compliance results.

J. J. Keller’s Systemic Approach to Safety & Compliance Management

Q. What specific deliverables do your Consultants provide to clients?

A. J. J. Keller® Consultants apply our systemic approach to safety and compliance management, providing clients with a detailed roadmap for reaching compliance standards through the application of industry best practices. Practically speaking, this takes the form of actions related to risk mitigation and elimination, process design and improvement, cost and waste reduction, staff training and development, implementation of metrics and measurements, and many more areas that reduce our clients’ risk, costs, and accidents.

Q. What is the background of your Consultants?

A. We have very high standards and hire only the most experienced and successful safety and compliance professionals. Our Consultants have decades of real-world experience in nearly every industry, and at some of the nation’s most well-known organizations. This allows them to understand each client’s operations and objectives, then customize the optimal solution to most effectively and efficiently deliver the desired results.

Q. What markets do your Consultants serve?

A. Because we have an extensive team of Consultants with great breadth and depth of expertise, we’re able to help companies manage the complexities of safety and compliance in the areas of FMCSA, PHMSA, OSHA, EPA, and DOL. This includes workplace safety, hazardous materials, transportation, construction, environmental, and human resources.

Q. What do clients value most about J. J. Keller® Consulting?

A. We offer a unique mix of high-caliber Consultants, a defined and proven approach, vast real-world industry experience, an ability to translate complex regulations into everyday language, and an unmatched suite of solutions — all combined to serve the specific needs of every client. In fact. 97% of our clients say we have positively impacted their organization.

J. J. Keller
Steve Murray, J. J. Keller Vice President of Editorial & Consulting Services