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The J. J. Keller® Compliance Tablet

The compliance tablet offers you a simple, flexible, turnkey solution for easily integrating ELogs into your fleet. It is part of an all-inclusive ELog system, which includes the J. J. Keller Mobile® logging app, a J. J. Keller® ELD, and the J. J. Keller® Encompass® web-based back office. Choose between the Semi-Rugged or the Professional Compliance Tablet to give your drivers an ELog system they can use right out of the box.

Even with overnight shipping, please allow for 3–5 business days for tablet processing and set up.

Feature Semi-Rugged Professional
Construction Semi-rugged, durable construction made to handle extreme vibration, plus rubberized case for augmented durability and drop protection Small, light and portable. Ideal for less rugged environments
Dimensions 8.78" x 5.95" 8.3" x 4.96"
Screen Indoor/ outdoor, uniquely bright 8.0" display. 1280x800 capacitive touch screen 8.0" WXGA (1280x800)
Operating Temperature Range -4°F to 140°F 32°F to 95°F
Connection Tethered or Bluetooth Bluetooth
Battery 3.7V/6200 mAh lithium battery 5000 mAh Li-ION
Charger Ships with vehicle 12V inline power inverter and USB wall charger Ships with a wall and USB charger (vehicle charger sold separately)
Accessories Locking Dock included; RAM screw-down or RAM seat-post mount options available for purchase Multiple mounting post and dock options available for purchase
Warranty 1-Year manufacturer's warranty 1-Year manufacturer's warranty; 2- and 3-Year Protection Plus Plan available for purchase