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Driver Qualification File Checklist

The following documents are to be included in a DQ file for duration of employment:

❑ Driver-specific application for employment (§391.21);

❑ Original motor vehicle record (MVR) requested from state(s) within 30 days of hire (§391.23);

❑ Road test or road test exception:

❑ Road test form and certificate conducted by your motor carrier (§391.31(g)), or

❑ Road test certificate conducted by another motor carrier within the past 3 years (§391.33(a)(2)), or

❑ Photocopy of a CDL accepted in lieu of road test - not applicable if hired to operate doubles, triples, or tankers. (Note: No subsequent copies of license renewals required.) (§391.33(a)(1));

❑ Background investigations (§391.23):

Drivers hired before October 30, 2004: General employment verifications sent to all former employers for the 3 years prior to the application date or a record of a good faith effort; or

Drivers hired on or after October 30, 2004: Safety Performance History data from all former DOT-regulated employers for the 3 years prior to the application date or a record of a good faith effort. This form must be maintained in accordance with §391.53 (secured, limited access) and may be in a separate Driver Investigation History File; and if applicable, any driver rebuttals to the Safety Performance History data and responses to the rebuttals from the former DOT-regulated employers.

The following documents are to be included in the DQ file for three years from date of execution:

❑ Medical certificate or MVR showing that driver is medically certified (§391.43(g)):

❑ Medical exam certificate, original or a copy, for all non-CDL drivers; or

❑ Medical exam certificate, original or a copy, kept for up to 15 days, until the CDL/CLP driver’s MVR can be obtained, showing current medical certification status; or

❑ Current MVR showing CDL/CLP driver’s medical certification status.

❑ If applicable, documentation of any variance, exemption, or waiver from the physical qualification standards (§391.51(b)(7));

❑ Verification that medical examiner was listed on National Registry (for exams conducted after May 20, 2014) (§391.51(b)(9));

❑ Annual motor vehicle record (§391.25);

❑ Annual review of driving record (§391.25); and

❑ Annual list of violations from driver (§391.27).

The DQ file and Driver Investigation History file must be retained for 3 years after a driver leaves your employment.

The following documents are also required and kept in the DQ file, but are not applicable to all drivers:

❑ Longer Combination Vehicle (LCV) Driver-Training Certificate (§380.401); and

❑ Entry-level driver training certificate (§380.509(b)).

Multiple Employer Driver

A DQ file for a driver meeting the “multiple employer driver” definition and employed under the rules in §391.63 must include:

❑ Proof of medical certification, as described above (§391.43(g));

❑ Road test form and certificate (§391.31(g)), or a photocopy of a CDL or certificate accepted in lieu of road test (§391.33);

❑ Driver's name and Social Security number; and

❑ Identification number, type, and issuing state of motor vehicle operator's license.

These records must be retained for the duration of employment plus 3 years after employment ceases.

Driver Borrowed From Another Motor Carrier

For drivers who meet the criteria set forth in §391.65(a)(1), a motor carrier may accept:

❑ A certificate, completed by both the driver and primary employing motor carrier that meets the prescribed format in §391.65(a)(2) (Note: Motor carriers must verify the certificate’s validity via phone, letter, or in person.)