Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment in the workplace is a serious and complex issue. Workplace harassment can have serious consequences for the individuals involved – and for your company – if not addressed properly through measures such as employee harassment training.

The cost of sexual harassment in the workplace is high, leading to:

  • Severe stress and loss of self-esteem for individuals harassed
  • Poor morale and employee turnover
  • Destruction of work relationships
  • Ineffective teams
  • Legal fees and fines
  • Damage to your company’s image

J. J. Keller can help you address workplace harassment and its resulting consequences. See the solutions, such as employee harassment training, below.

Sexual Harassment Solutions

TheCostsofSexual Harassment

Workplace sexual harassment can cause a variety of problems, not only for the individuals involved, but for the entire workforce and the company as a whole.

Severe emotional distress for those harassed
Strained work relationships, loss of team unity
Increased likelihood of employee turnover
Tarnished reputation of the company
Expenses and time required to address legal issues
Fines or settlement expenses following litigation


Millions in penalties collected by EEOC for sexual harassment violations in FY2017


Number of sexual harassment claims received by EEOC in FY2017


Average cost per sexual harassment claim in FY2017


Number of sexual harassment incidents it takes to negatively impact your workplace

Notable Sexual Harassment Penalties

In fiscal year 2016, sexual harassment charges filed with EEOC resulted in a whopping $40.7 million in penalties. That number remained high in FY 2017, with $46.3 million in penalties. The following table outlines some substantial judgments and/or settlements handed down since March 2013.

  • Florida Vacation Agency   $20 million
  • Iowa Trucking Company   $4.7 million
  • New Mexico Car Dealership   $2 million
  • North Carolina Logistics Service   $1.5 million
  • Washington Egg Supplier   $650,000
  • Dallas Physician Services Provider   $499,000
  • Georgia Food Retailer   $370,000
  • East Coast Retailer  $363,419