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Cargo Securement

Properly secured flatbed cargo prevents items from shifting, spilling, blowing or falling from the vehicle. And that's critical. Proper load securement in dry vans is also a necessity to avoid lost dollars in damaged goods.

Compliance with federal cargo securement regulations is required on all types of commercial motor vehicles, and violations can have serious consequences under the Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) program.

J. J. Keller offers a large line of cargo securement products and services — from supplies and training programs to handbooks and consulting — designed specifically to help you ensure your dry van and flatbed cargo is secured and your drivers know how to secure it.

Topics — What You Need to Know

The following stats come from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA):

Regulation Violation Description # of Violations # of OOS Violations OOS Percent
393.100(a) No or Improper Load Securement 4,304 3,848 89%
392.9(a)(2) Failing to Secure Vehicle Equipment 10,696 10,123 95%
393.100(b) Leaking/Spilling/Blowing/Falling Cargo 12,861 12,224 95%

Insufficient tiedowns to prevent forward movement for load not blocked by
headerboard, bulkhead, or other cargo

8,551 8,296 97%
393.104(f)(3) Loose/Unfastened Tiedown 6,440 1,345 21%
393.104(b) Damaged Securement System/Tiedowns 6,415 1,535 24%
392.9(a) Failing to Secure Load 8,618 7,973 93%
393.130 No/Improper Heavy Vehicle/Machine Securement 5,442 5,289 97%
393.134 No/improper Securement of Roll/Hook Container 3,240 3,129 97%
393.110 Failing to Meet Minimum Tiedown Requirements 3,092 2,914 94%

The following commodities are subject to specific rules for cargo securement, as found in U.S. regulations 49 CFR Part 393 and Canadian Nation Safety Code Standard 10. The commodity-specific requirements are in addition to the general load securement standards that apply to all commodities.

Commodity U.S. Regulation
Logs §393.116
Dressed lumber or similar building products §393.118
Metal coils §393.120
Paper rolls §393.122
Concrete pipe §393.124
Intermodal containers §393.126
Automobiles, light trucks, and vans §393.128
Heavy vehicles, equipment, and machinery §393.130
Flattened or crushed vehicles §393.132
Roll-on/roll-off or hook lift containers §393.134
Large boulders §393.136

Load Securement Solutions

Our unparalleled range of products can help you provide drivers and supervisors with the tools they need for proactive coaching and effective risk management. You'll always get the most accurate and dependable solutions, because they are backed by our team of in-house safety and compliance experts.

Cargo Securement Flatbeds Training

Help drivers understand flatbed cargo loading and the flatbed load securement process.

Dry Van Cargo Securement Training

Make sure your enclosed van and trailer drivers comply with cargo securement regulations.

Flatbed Straps & Supplies

Find the cargo securement supplies you need for your flatbed trucks, including winch straps, ratchet straps, binders, chains & more.

Van and Trailer Supplies

Get your dry van load securement supplies - cargo bars, straps, jack bars and more.

Cargo Securement Handbook for Drivers

Help drivers stay safe and in compliance with federal and Canadian requirements.

CSA Program Administration Service

Our team of experts will help protect your risk for DOT audit and intervention.

J. J. Keller® FleetMentor® Service

The online toolbox and advisor that will help you cover all areas of the CSA BASICs.

J. J. Keller® Encompass® Fleet Management System

A proven system to reduce risk, improve DOT compliance, and protect your company.