Electronic Recordkeeping

Encompass: Electronic Recordkeeping

Automate & simplify the way you manage your files — and stay in compliance — with J. J. Keller’s electronic recordkeeping!

J. J. Keller's Encompass® system is the industry's most versatile online tool for improving driver and vehicle compliance. Featuring a series of regulatory dashboards, exceptions-based reports and compliance alerts, it offers real-time view of the critical fleet information you need — and automates the compliance tasks you're already doing.

Encompass delivers greater:

  • Compliance: Instantly verify that your fleet's compliant using the online dashboard, and receive alerts if it's not.
  • Productivity: Get tools for driver qualification, hours of service including ELogs, recruiting, vehicle maintenance, accident tracking and more.
  • Flexibility: Quickly and easily share data with only the users you choose.
  • Reliability: Be confident Encompass is always current with regulations thanks to behind-the-scenes experts monitoring regulatory changes daily.

Let Encompass be your compliance management tool!

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