J. J. Keller® Encompass® with ELogs Fleet Management System

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J. J. Keller® Encompass® with ELogs Fleet Management System (04918)
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EncompassMaking the move from paper logs to electronic logs is easy with J. J. Keller's Encompass. This cloud-based system captures data from the J. J. Keller ELD that's installed in the engine's diagnostic port, and data from the driver's smartphone or tablet that has the J. J. Keller Mobile® app.

The result is better roadside inspections, CSA score improvement, best-practice time management, fuel use efficiency, and protection from DOT audits and interventions.

J. J. Keller electronic logging devices (ELDs) will comply with the ELD mandate. No hardware swap outs, and our E-Log solution will only require minor software updates.

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J. J. Keller electronic logging devices (ELDs) will comply with the ELD mandate. No hardware swap out; our electronic logbook solution will only require minor software updates. Learn more.

J. J. Keller® Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs)

The J. J. Keller ELD collects engine and driver data for compliance and operational reporting. It's easy to install (taking less than ten minutes), and is compatible with all vehicle classes. In addition, it's Bluetooth®-enabled to communicate with most smart devices on the market. With the J. J. Keller ELD, you can choose your own device. Get a free quote today and start preparing now for the ELD mandate!

J. J. Keller Mobile® ELogging App

Drivers use the J. J. Keller Mobile® electronic logbook app to enter duty status, monitor hours available, access state and industry rule sets, receive alerts of impending Hours of Service Violations and complete vehicle inspection forms and much more.

J. J. Keller's E-Log solution allows you to choose your own device or the all-inclusive J. J. Keller® Compliance Tablet™. Learn more.

J. J. Keller® Encompass® Fleet Management System

The Encompass® system consists of online dashboards, or file cabinets, to help fleets manage complex federal and state regulatory requirements, as well as operational areas such as fuel use and driver performance. All data is stored on the cloud for instant accessibility across your organization. ELDs deliver compliance and engine data to Encompass that management can use to make improvements to safety and operations, such as driver performance coaching to reduce idle time and speeding, and improvements to operations such as the automation of IFTA, recordkeeping and reporting.

Choose the ELD System that best suits your fleet’s needs!

Depending on the edition you choose, the J. J. Keller® ELog System will standardize critical functions in your business like hiring, driver qualification, hours of service, training, licensing, maintenance, tracking driver performance, and more. It integrates with numerous mobile devices to automate electronic logging, electronic DVIRs, and in-cab performance reporting with EOBRs. Which Edition is Right for You?

  • ELogs Edition
    Stand-alone solution with option to upgrade for increased compliance. Available with optional automated Fuel Tax and CoPilot® Truck navigation.
    Learn more.
  • Compliance Edition
    Improves fleet compliance with the option to add ELogs. With ELDs in use, features include ELogs, E-DVIR, Driver Qualification, Vehicle Maintenance and Legalization and more. Available with optional automated Fuel Tax and CoPilot® Truck navigation.
    Learn more.
  • Premium Edition
    Offers complete performance management and improves fleet compliance. Features include ELogs, Electronic DVIRs (E-DVIRs), Automated Fuel Tax Reporting, Fuel Use Tracking, Driver Performance, GPS tracking, Driver Qualification, Vehicle Maintenance and Legalization and more. Available with optional CoPilot® Truck navigation.
    Learn more.
  • Log Checker™ Online
    Manually key-in your logs. Perform instant log auditing and reporting to keep your fleet in compliance.
    Learn more.
  • Encompass Log Scanning
    Streamline your paper log auditing process & simplify your transition to electronic logging. Paper log scanning is now available in the J. J. Keller® Encompass® system. With a quick scan, the system will automatically audit drivers' record of duty status using J. J. Keller® scannable logs.
    Learn more.
  • Compliance Tablet™
    Turnkey solution for easily integrating E-Logs into your fleet. Choose either the Professional or Rugged edition of the J. J. Keller Compliance Tablet to give drivers an E-Log system they can use right out of the box.
    Learn more.

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You need a reliable and proven provider who can competently deliver the compliance and technical requirements demanded by law. J. J. Keller has been the leader in helping fleets comply with Hours of Service regulations for more than 60 years and is trusted by more than 420,000 customers.

  • Highly adaptable, easy-to-implement solution for improving regulatory compliance, performance management, and fleet profitability — regardless of your fleet's size or make-up.
  • Maximizes your strengths and addresses risks before they become liabilities. Learn more.
  • Compatible with all vehicle classes to manage mixed fleets. Learn more.
  • Allows gradual implementation using both ELDs and paper logs.
  • Manages compliance with or without Electronic Logging Device (ELD) / Electronic Onboard Recorder (EOBR) hardware.
  • Offers a fully-blended view of compliance and performance.
  • Is backed by J. J. Keller — the one company that's been focused on helping fleets improve compliance and safety for more than 60 years.

"What we found in J. J. Keller was a partner that not only offered the ELog solution we wanted, but also all the implementation and training support we needed. I can't emphasize enough the substantial training and support J. J. Keller provided to help roll out ELogs at each of our locations."

— Jessie Simon, Operations Manager, Ashland Valvoline

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