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Fire Prevention & Response: What Employees Need to Know - DVD Training (09027)
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Fire Prevention & Response: What Employees Need to Know - DVD Training

Helps teach employees about fire hazards in the workplace and what to do in case of a fire. Read more.

Product Code: 48654
List Price: $550.00


  • Covers key aspects of workplace fire safety training (prevention, evacuation, and extinguishers) and can be used as part of an OSHA-required fire safety training program (as required by OSHA standards 1910 Parts 38, 39, and 157)
  • Covers a wide variety of fire safety topics, including:
    • Characteristics of fire, and the fire tetrahedron
    • Workplace fire prevention methods, like proper housekeeping and safe material handling procedures
    • Spotting and eliminating fire hazards
    • Evacuations procedures
    • Basics of fire extinguisher use, including demonstrations
    • Fire safety at home
  • English & Spanish available all in one program
  • Ready-to-use training program includes several components
  • Closed-captioned for the hearing impaired (closed-captioned in English only)
  • 2015 Bronze Telly Award Winner

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Program Components

  • (1) 25-minute video – Provides an overview of workplace fire safety, including information on the characteristics of fire; fire prevention methods within the employees’ control, including proper housekeeping, chemical safety, and hot work safety; essential evacuation procedures; and fire safety in the home.
  • (1) Trainer Guide (English only) (not sold separately) – Supplies background and regulatory information on the topic, training objectives, and tried and true training methods. It includes a reprint of the Employee Handbook, and adds related training discussion topics and activities to help trainers address multiple learning styles and levels of employee experience or involvement.
  • (11) Employee Handbooks (10 English; 1 Spanish) Product Codes: 40997, 40996 – This reference reinforces training. It follows the information in the DVD video and provides employees with an easy-to-use, post-training resource.
  • (2) Awareness Posters (1 English; 1 Spanish) Product Codes: 40995, 40994 – A full-color, photo-based reminder of the key tenets of workplace fire safety to hang in a high-traffic area at your company.
  • (1) Trainer Tools USB - (not sold separately)
    • Main Video Program (English and Spanish)
    • Trainer Guide PDF (English and Spanish)
    • Learning Activities (English and Spanish)
    • Customizable PowerPoint® presentation (English and Spanish)
    • Quizzes & Answer Keys (English and Spanish)
    • Images
    • Training Log (English and Spanish)
    • Completion Certificate (English and Spanish)

DVD Main Menu

  • Play Program – Plays entire main program (running time: 25 minutes). Spanish option available for all sections.
  • Chapter Selections – Allows easy access to specific subtopics for more focused training.
    • Introduction
    • Fire Dangers
    • The Importance of Training
    • Fire Prevention Basics
    • Housekeeping
    • Hot Work
    • Chemicals
    • Flammable Liquids
    • Compressed and Liquefied Gases
    • Evacuation Procedures
    • Fire Safety at Home
    • Conclusion
  • Fire Extinguisher Training
    • Fire Extinguisher Essentials (running time: 9 minutes)
      • When to use a fire extinguisher (on small, incipient stage fires)
      • The five classes of fires and fire extinguisher types
      • Typical parts of a fire extinguisher
      • Demonstration of a fire extinguisher using the PASS technique
      • How long fire extinguishers typically last (typically 10 to 30 seconds)
    • Fire Extinguisher Demonstrations (running time: 8 minutes)
      • Shows step-by-step demonstrations of two commonly used fire extinguisher types, CO2 and ABC dry chemical
  • Bonus Materials
    • Quiz (10 questions with video remediation)
    • Note to Trainers (English only) (running time: 5 minutes)

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