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We provide custom solutions that focus on your company's needs and goals, no matter what your area of responsibility. (010889)

J. J. Keller® Custom Safety and Compliance Solutions

We provide custom solutions that focus on your company's needs and goals, no matter what your area of responsibility.

We've been helping companies manage their safety and compliance responsibilities for more than 60 years, and we're confident we can help you!

We listen to your needs, we gather a team of experts to collaborate on the best ways to fulfill your needs, and then we deliver the custom products to you!

Whether it's customized versions of courses, videos, publications, or training content, J. J. Keller can help. It's all about making our content work even better for you.

If you have unique needs to address, turn to J. J. Keller for custom solutions. Email us at or call us toll free at 1-800-327-6868 for a no-obligation discussion.

Intellectual Property Licensing

Many J. J. Keller customers find that they'd like to use our products in a way that is outside normal copyright use guidelines. For example, you may want to use J. J. Keller materials...

  • On your Learning Management System (LMS) (SCORM courses)
  • On a company intranet (PDF for publications or MP4 files for videos)
  • In a company publication
  • As a value-add for clients

J. J. Keller can provide a license for use of all or a portion of a product, including courses, videos, forms, newsletter articles, handbooks and manuals. Learn more now!

Custom Courses

Have a unique training need? We can license our Interactive Online Training courses for use on your Learning Management System (LMS). This allows your training recordkeeping to remain centralized, while at the same time providing your employees with top-of-the-line safety and compliance interactive training.

We can modify our content in the following ways:

  • Add company-specific content, such as policies or images, to an interactive online course
  • Add your company logo to J. J. Keller content
  • Translate training content into another language
  • Convert one of our PowerPoint® presentations into an interactive online course
  • SCORM wrap a J. J. Keller® video so it can report scoring to your Learning Management System (LMS)

Custom Videos

J. J. Keller can provide custom safety training videos that capture your company's unique needs and goals. We can incorporate some of your company-specific content into one of our videos or provide our training content in a different format. We can modify our content in a variety of ways to fit your unique needs:

  • Insert your PowerPoint® presentations into our videos
  • Translate video content into another language
  • Remove sections from a video that don't apply to your company
  • Add your company's still images to a video
  • Put our videos on a flash drive for your use if you need training at a remote location where streaming is slow or unavailable
  • And much more!

Custom Publications

J. J. Keller can provide custom safety and compliance publications that focus on your company's unique needs and goals, such as altering an existing product. Here are just a few of the products we can customize for you:

  • Manuals
  • Handbooks
  • Newsletters

We can also do foreign-language translations of stock products.


Yes. Merging your company's information with J. J. Keller content is an excellent way to achieve a custom feel, often at less cost.

J. J. Keller subject matter experts monitor regulations continuously, looking for changes. We can help you update your program if something changes.

We could use part or all of an existing J. J. Keller video script. Or, we could license the use of some video footage from a J. J. Keller stock video. Sometimes, the use of still images can also accomplish a custom feeling, but in less time. We're always willing to explore creative options to help you create the project you need, within your timeline and budget.

Yes. Through an intellectual property license agreement, we can give permission to your company to use J. J. Keller content on your company intranet or LMS. The fee for such use would be based on the number of viewers and the length of time that you would like to use it.

A J. J. Keller intellectual property license is usually limited to a term of 2 years or less. This ensures that the content you license is up to date with the most recent regulatory and best practices information.

Fees will be invoiced incrementally, based on milestones achieved.

Yes, we can place the video into online course software and add the video questions and answers at the end. This can report a score to your LMS. In fact, you can do this to a J. J. Keller video yourself.