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FMLA Program Administration Service

Allow us to effectively manage your family and medical leave cases. Reduce costs, improve compliance and focus on your business priorities. Read more.

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With the J. J. Keller® FMLA Program Administration Service, you’ll receive knowledgeable, confidential guidance and assistance from a dedicated Compliance Specialist (CS) who knows you and your company.

Your CS will ease the burden of managing the requirements of the Family Medical Leave Act by helping you determine and track leave, as well as oversee required communication and documentation.

They’ll also work directly with your employees to supply the proper forms and answer any leave questions that may arise. This ensures streamlined, consistent FMLA administration across your organization, even if you have locations in multiple states.

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Overall Benefits

compliance specialist

Passionate Associates

You will be assigned a dedicated compliance specialist that is familiar with your company and your family & medical leave policy.


Consistent Management

Your dedicated compliance specialist will consistently manage leave delivery across your entire company, including all locations.


Proactive Notifications

When employees are running low on available leave or when we see suspicious trends in leave time, we will alert you. We'll also deliver forms & Notice of Denial/Approval of Leave to your employees.

Centralized files

Secure Web Portal

You'll receive 24/7 access to the work that's being done for you through your online client portal, the Client Information Center.

Take a proactive approach to FMLA management. Contact a specialist today for a no-obligation discussion!

How The Service Works

Our FMLA Program Administration Service provides you with:

Regulatory Guidance

Have an FMLA expert on your side for questions and advisement. With nearly 50 in-house regulatory subject-matter experts, we monitor both State and Federal regulations, research and provide interpretations, and answer hundreds of compliance questions every day.

Leave Determination

To ensure that your family and medical leave program will be managed consistently across your organization, we'll help you determine employee eligibility and qualified leave requests to help reduce costs associated with granting leave to people who don't qualify.

Document Management

To save you time and effort, we'll streamline the process for you by monitoring all required documents and maintaining a confidential database of your organization's FMLA leave requests.

Certification Review

We audit all certifications and provide notification of deficiencies, as well as recommend second opinions and facilitate access to physicians.

Leave Tracking

Rely on our experts to track and monitor employee time used under Federal, State, and company-specific programs as well as provide notification of suspected abuse or if an employee is running low on available leave. This is especially helpful for employees taking intermittent leave.

Reduce costs, improve compliance and eliminate hassle – let us manage your FMLA cases!


Get 24/7 access to your employee information and reporting through J. J. Keller's Client Information Center (CIC). A dashboard-style interface allows easy visibility across your organization, access to view compliance summaries, alerts, and more!

  • Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA) Warning
  • FMLA Certification of Qualifying Exigency for Military Family Leave
  • Notice of Eligibility and Rights & Responsibilities
  • FMLA Certification Health Care Provider of Family Member's Serious Health Condition
  • FMLA Certification for Serious Injury or Illness for Covered Service Member – for Military Family Leave
  • Company FMLA Policy
  • Leave Request
  • FMLA HIPPA Authorization
  • FMLA Designation Notice
  • Fitness for Duty Form



Free FMLA Resources

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