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EPA releases 2016 preliminary TRI data

Provides a glimpse into which facilities are using, releasing chemicals

Posted July 26, 2017

Every year in July, EPA provides a preliminary dataset of the most recent Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) information. This early release of TRI data is meant to give the public an opportunity to view the information prior to the annual publication of the TRI National Analysis in January.

The 2016 TRI preliminary dataset contains the most current TRI data available on toxic chemical releases and other waste management activities. It also provides information on the pollution prevention activities that occurred at covered industrial facilities in 2016.

The public can use the preliminary TRI data to:

  • Determine if a particular facility reported in 2016;
  • Determine what chemicals a particular facility is using and releasing into the environment, or otherwise managing as waste; and
  • Discover if a particular facility initiated any pollution prevention activities in 2016.

EPA will update the dataset several times in August and September based on information from facilities. The Agency says it will publish the complete, quality checked 2016 dataset in October, followed by the TRI National Analysis in January 2018.

Find the preliminary dataset on the EPA website.

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