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New Training Program Helps CMV Drivers Conduct Required Vehicle Inspections

J. J. Keller & Associates, Inc. Introduces Vehicle Inspections: Tractor Trailers

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Neenah, WI — J. J. Keller & Associates, Inc., the nation’s leading provider of safety and regulatory compliance solutions, has introduced Vehicle Inspections: Tractor Trailers. This new training program gives commercial motor vehicle drivers a comprehensive, streamlined examination of required inspections and explains why performing the inspections can prevent costly breakdowns.

Using advanced video techniques and technology, Vehicle Inspections: Tractor Trailers shows a standard vehicle inspection from the driver’s perspective. Enhanced resolution provides a detailed view of complex parts. The program includes two bonus videos, covering intermodal chassis and refrigerated trailers.

The training teaches drivers how to conduct thorough pre-trip inspections, when and how on-the-road inspections must be done, how to conduct proper post-trip inspections, when DVIRs are required and how to complete them, and the importance of using the same inspection routine every time.

According to Tom Bray, lead transportation editor at J. J. Keller, “A company’s maintenance practices ensure that their drivers have safe equipment. But it’s up to their drivers to make sure the equipment remains in top condition, which means they must know how to do a proper inspection. J. J. Keller’s new training program will help ensure a thorough, efficient inspection process so no critical areas are missed.”

Vehicle Inspections: Tractor Trailers will be available in mid-August on DVD, tablet-compatible Pay Per View and Online Course, and Video Training Book — a new, portable format that puts video-based training directly into employees’ hands, with no internet connection required.

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