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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (February 6, 2020)

Commercial Driver's License Training Providers Advised to Remain Proactive Despite Entry-Level Driver Training Rule Delay

J. J. Keller Offers 35 New Online Courses to Help Meet Theory Instruction Requirements

Neenah, WI - Commercial driver’s license (CDL) training providers were recently granted a two-year reprieve on mandatory compliance with the Entry-Level Driver Training rule (ELDT) — but experts say that shouldn’t put their compliance efforts on pause.

The rule’s original compliance date of February 7, 2020, was extended to February 7, 2022. The delay will give the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) time to complete development of the Training Provider Registry (TPR). The TPR is the site a training provider must use to certify it is compliant with all ELDT requirements.

“The requirements are quite detailed,” said Jill Schultz, J. J. Keller subject-matter expert. “To provide this training and be listed on FMCSA’s Training Provider Registry, a training provider needs to ensure its curriculum, facilities, equipment, and instructors meet all of the ELDT criteria. Setting up this type of program doesn’t happen overnight. It takes quite a bit of time.”

To help CDL training providers develop a comprehensive entry level driver training program, J. J. Keller & Associates, Inc. has developed 35 new online training courses covering:


  • Orientation
  • Control Systems/Dashboard
  • Pre- and Post-Trip Inspections
  • Basic Control
  • Shifting/Operating Transmissions
  • Backing and Docking
  • Coupling and Uncoupling
  • Visual Search
  • Communication
  • Distracted Driving
  • Speed Management
  • Space Management
  • Night Operation
  • Extreme Driving Conditions
  • Hazard Perception
  • Skid Control/Recovery, Jackknifing, and Other Emergencies
  • Railroad-Highway Grade Crossings
  • Identification and Diagnosis of Malfunctions
  • Roadside Inspections
  • Maintenance
  • Handling and Documenting Cargo
  • Environmental Compliance Issues
  • Hours of Service Requirements
  • Fatigue and Wellness Awareness
  • Post-Crash Procedures
  • External Communications
  • Whistleblower/Coercion
  • Trip Planning
  • Drugs/Alcohol
  • Medical Requirements
  • Human Trafficking
  • CSA
  • Special Rigs
  • Crossing the Canadian Border
  • Basic Business Practices

The online training courses will help meet the rule’s theory instruction requirements. The courses cover all 30 topics required by the rule, plus five additional topics essential to safe, professional driving. For more information, visit

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