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Driver Hiring Checklist

Driver Qualification File

Complete N/A Date Documentation
  Driver-specific application for employment
  Motor vehicle record(s) (MVR)*
  Road test/certificate conducted by our carrier, or photocopy of a CDL accepted in lieu of road test, or road test certificate less than 3 years old accepted in lieu of road test
  Background investigation (Safety Performance History)
  Medical examiner's certificate*
  Verification that medical examiner is listed on National Registry

*For CDL/CLP drivers, proof of current medical certification must be shown on the MVR, in which case a copy of the medical certificate is not required.

Drug and Alcohol Records (if subject)

Complete N/A Date Documentation
  DOT pre-employment drug screen result received, or documentation of pre-employment exception received from former employer(s)
  Driver issued educational materials and company policy
  Asked driver about positive DOT pre-employment tests over the past 2 years
  A full query (pre-employment) of the CDL Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse is performed.

Other Documentation

Complete N/A Date Documentation