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Encompass® Vehicle Tracking

Encompass Vehicle Tracking

The Encompass® Vehicle Tracking Solution partners the powerful Encompass® System with the J. J. Keller® Vehicle Telematics Device to provide 24/7 tracking of all powered units.

While the Encompass® System already has you covered with DOT recordkeeping to track driver and vehicle compliance—like DQ, DVIRs & maintenance—the Encompass® Vehicle Tracking Solution allows you to see every vehicle's location, speed & tracking status in the mapping feature of Encompass, including weather & traffic activity.

Encompass® Vehicle Tracking is built to improve customer service and driver productivity with better data that helps you make proactive decisions about your vehicles, class 1-8, whether they are regulated or not. You'll be able to:

  • Locate your vehicles in near real-time
  • Monitoring vehicle status
  • Track freight and service activity
  • Improve vehicle utilization
  • Find any stolen vehicles

Call 855-693-5338 to talk to a compliance specialist, or fill out the form to learn more about the Encompass® Vehicle Tracking Solution.

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