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Electronic Postings

Have remote workers? Use electronic postings to fulfill Department of Labor (DOL) requirements.

The DOL requires companies to provide employees with notices of their rights. If all your employees are remote, you can use electronic postings to satisfy this requirement; when only some workers are remote, the DOL encourages the use of digital postings to supplement paper posters that need to be displayed in the office.

J. J. Keller’s electronic postings provide 24/7 online access to federal, state and local notices and are updated automatically any time there’s a mandatory change. There are two ways to easily share your postings with employees:

  • Post a link to required posters. Simply generate a link to your electronic posters and post it wherever it can be easily accessed by employees. Because the link goes to J. J. Keller's Labor Law Poster Management Center, the posters are always up to date, with no maintenance on your part.
  • Download poster PDFs and share with employees via email.
With either option, you can view and track which employees have reviewed these notices should a labor dispute occur.

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Products: (  1 - 16 of 52  )