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J. J. Keller protects people and the businesses they run. You can trust our expertise across a wide range of subjects relating to labor, transportation, environmental, and worker safety. Our deep knowledge of federal and state agencies is built on a strong foundation of more than 100 editors and consultants and 70+ years of regulatory compliance experience.

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J. J. Keller protects people and the businesses they run. You can trust our expertise across a wide range of subjects relating to labor, transportation, environmental, and worker safety. Our deep knowledge of federal and state agencies is built on a strong foundation of more than 100 editors and consultants and 70+ years of regulatory compliance experience.

J. J. Keller® Encompass® Fleet Management System

J. J. Keller® Encompass® Fleet Management System

The industry's most comprehensive fleet compliance solution for driver and vehicle compliance and performance tracking. Used by fleets with 1 to 3,000 drivers! As a fleet manager, you oversee the operational and safety aspects of your organization. From hiring, driver qualification, and drug and alcohol testing to vehicle maintenance, training, and fuel tax reporting, you carry a substantial responsibility for DOT compliance and driver productivity.

We understand those challenges and created the J. J. Keller Encompass® Fleet Management System to help you succeed. The Encompass® System can help you work smarter, not harder. It delivers better:

  • Compliance - Instantly verify your fleet's compliance with the online dashboard, receive alerts for violations, and notifications of pending or expired paperwork.
  • Productivity - Automate your workflow for driver qualification, hours of service, recruiting, vehicle maintenance, accident tracking and more.
  • Flexibility - Quickly and easily share data with the users you choose.
  • Reliability - Be confident Encompass is always current with regulatory requirements thanks to ongoing monitoring by our subject matter experts.

Learn how Encompass can help you improve compliance and productivity.

Fill out the form to speak with a Compliance Specialist. Or, call 855-693-5338.

Industry Best-in-Class Features

Improved efficiency with smart workflows for drivers and vehicles of all unit classes

Extensive compliance and recordkeeping for all drivers and vehicles

Reduced likelihood for fines or out-of-service violations with notifications and alerts for violations and expired compliance items

Comprehensive insights from your data and seamless interface (APIs) options

Confidential access to data based on criteria you establish

Repository of current DOT forms and regulations

Stay on schedule with 24/7 driver support and Roadside Inspection Hotline

Expert help from DOT subject matter experts, including personal, detailed responses to your regulatory questions

Unrivaled customer care and impactful driver and admin training, troubleshooting, and online support resources

Reduced risk through management of your CSA scores and tracking of roadside inspections

Peace of mind with a secure, cloud-based, mobile-optimized system

Encompass Profiles

Encompass is flexible, allowing you to choose the devices and levels of service you need to create a powerful system tailored for your drivers and vehicles.

Driver Features

  • J. J. Keller® Training – classroom + video and eLearning (online)
  • Online hiring and applications, applicant tracking, scoring & notification of priority candidates
  • Driver qualification – checklists for renewable items, monitoring, and tracking
  • Roadside inspections tracking and assistance
  • Alcohol & drug program management
  • Ability to generate random selections and track test results
  • Accident recording and recordkeeping
  • Hours of service – 100% log auditing & reporting
  • More than 30 HOS rulesets, exempt logging, Canadian mandate
  • Automated IFTA & IRP reporting
  • Optional J. J. Keller® ELDs for automated electronic logging and electronic DVIRs
  • GPS location, tracking & vehicle status with mapping that includes geofencing, landmarks, weather and traffic
  • Performance details including hard braking, idle time, speeding, RPMs, and driver performance scorecards

Vehicle Features

  • Manual IFTA & IRP reporting with fuel card import
  • Vehicle status with camera views of weather & traffic
  • Management and tracking of vehicle credentials, renewals and expirations
  • Repair orders and cost tracking
  • Preventive maintenance (PM) tracking
  • 70+ customizable data fields for vehicles/units
  • Parts & inventory management
  • Tracking of fleet legalization records and renewable items
  • Total cost of ownership
  • Manual DVIR creation and tracking
  • eDVIRs with Encompass® DVIR app
  • Inspection image capture with Encompass® DVIR app
  • 24/7 GPS tracking
  • Geofencing
  • Automated IFTA & IRP Reporting with J. J. Keller® ELDs and vehicle tracking
  • Optional vehicle tracking to monitor vehicle status and location

Video Features

  • J. J. Keller® Road Cam and J. J. Keller® Road & driver Cam with G-sensor
  • Capture of forward collision, tailgating, harsh cornering, harsh acceleration, and driver-initiated events
  • Integrated driver review & comment process
  • Continuous recording to the cloud and device
  • Court Reporter for audit trail
  • Event review, scoring, & workflow
  • Video Recall to see events not captured with AI or G-sensor
  • Optional in-cab audible alerts for sleepy, inattentive driver
  • Driver-facing dash camera with Artificial Intelligence (AI) capture
  • Capture of distracted & fatigued driving, cell phone use
  • Continuous recording of cargo/in-cab video capture

Why Choose J. J. Keller

Trust the Compliance System Backed by the Most Trusted Compliance Company

We have provided the transportation industry with compliance services for over 70 years and are trusted by more than 500,000 customers. That expertise and experience is the foundation of the Encompass® Fleet Management System.

Valuable Training & Support

Our comprehensive approach to ongoing customer service is second to none. We make sure your staff is trained to effectively use the system's functions to support improved compliance and work processes. Onsite, web-based, and self-service training materials are available to accommodate self-paced situations.

Impeccable Accuracy

Our in-house transportation experts have decades of combined regulatory expertise. They closely monitor regulations, work with federal and state agencies, and develop solutions to simplify the management of complex regulatory requirements. This means the compliance intelligence in Encompass is always based on the current DOT regulations.

Proven Results

We have a track record of helping companies run safely, stay compliant, and reduce or eliminate penalties. Thousands of companies have already benefited from the technology services we provide.

We partner with leading fleet solutions to harness the power of your data and share it easily with your existing systems, including dispatch, load tracking, payroll and other strategic reporting solutions. See our full list of partners here.

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