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Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) Monitoring Service

Remove unsafe CMV drivers from the road with continuous MVR monitoring. Read more.

Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) Monitoring Service (014441)
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The Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) Monitoring Service provides continuous monitoring of your drivers’ motor vehicle records.

Getting this information as soon as it’s available instead of waiting for an annual MVR pull allows you to remove unsafe drivers from the road and provide immediate coaching.

The sooner you are aware of your drivers’ citations, suspensions, revocations and other negative driving events, the sooner you can take action to correct their behavior. Corrective action training is included with your service!

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Overall Benefits


Unmatched Regulatory Expertise

Leverage our 65+ years of helping the transportation industry improve safety and compliance.

compliance specialist

Dedicated Compliance Specialist

Your specialist gets to know your business, shares a wealth of experience managing drivers, and becomes an extension of your safety team.


Data Security

Demonstrated by our accreditation by the National Association of Background Screeners and ISO 27001: 2013 certification.


Complementary Services

Address all of your driver compliance challenges, including driver qualification file management, drug and alcohol testing, and hours-of-service management.

Centralized files

Secure Web Portal

Use your secure J. J. Keller® web portal to view your drivers’ MVR history at any time.


Corrective Action Training

We’ll provide J. J. Keller® training courses to your drivers when negative events are reported and provide tracking to make sure it’s completed.

Take a proactive approach to compliance and safety. Contact us today for a no-obligation discussion!

How The Service Works

We Implement Service

We assign a dedicated compliance specialist who works with you to implement your service (location contacts, driver rosters, etc.) and ensure all signed driver releases are received.

We Create Electronic Files and Run Baseline MVR

We receive drivers’ releases, run baseline MVRs and begin monitoring your drivers’ records continuously.

You Receive Notification Of Any Driver Events

If any drivers have a negative event, it will trigger a notice from the state. We will then alert you of this negative driver event, order the driver's motor vehicle record from the state, and audit the MVR for completeness and accuracy against the driver's license. We will then contact you regarding the issue and place an electronic image of the driver’s MVR in their file in the J. J. Keller DataSense web portal.

We Enroll Driver in Corrective Action Training

While you provide your driver with coaching based on your company’s policy, we will enroll your driver in a J. J. Keller training course targeted to correct the negative event. Course completions are visible in the J. J. Keller DataSense web portal.

We Continuously Monitor Your Drivers

We’ll continuously monitor your drivers’ MVR for negative events and alert you based on the state’s notification.

Great for monitoring regulated and non-regulated drivers, as well as uncovering citations drivers accrue when operating their personal vehicles.

Examples of Negative Driving Events We Monitor For

Alcohol and drug violations Driving or operating a motor vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol, refused to submit test for alcohol.
Improper driver behavior Improver driving behavior, leaving an accident before police arrive.
Equipment violations or hazards Failure to use lights as required, seat belt not used properly.
Maneuvers – illegal or improper Reckless driving, failure to obey stop sign, following too close.
Speeding Driving too fast for conditions, driving over the regulated or posted speed limit.

Fact Sheet

MVR Monitoring Fact Sheet

Learn more about this J. J. Keller service, where we can help protect your company, reduce your risk and improve your safety & compliance.


Steering Clear of Bad CSA Scores: The Driver's Role

This whitepaper offers some practical tips for drivers on how to assist their company in lowering CSA BASIC scores. Checklists — tailored to fit the driver's role — are provided at the end of the document to promote discussion and offer some basic recordkeeping reminders.

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