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J. J. Keller® Video Review Service

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J. J. Keller® Video Review Service (019892)
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Get deeper insights from your dash cam video with the J. J. Keller® Video Review Service.
Let our experts review your video events, prioritize the riskiest behavior, and recommend corrective action training.

With the J. J. Keller® Video Review Service, you can focus on your core business and your drivers while our team handles the time-consuming task of reviewing individual driver videos for risks to your business.

Our process and our people are the difference! The J. J. Keller® Video Review Service draws upon a foundation of 70+ years of safety and compliance expertise, best practices, and fleet technology that is trusted by thousands of fleets.

The J. J. Keller® Video Review Service is available to Encompass® Video Event Management and VideoProtects® Video Event Management clients.

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Dash cam video clips may exonerate a safely operating driver in the event of a crash or other incident. However, to create a proactive, best-in-class safety program, video clips should be reviewed as part of a continual coaching and corrective action process. In fact, not doing so could result in negligence.

Carriers that commit to continual coaching of drivers have a choice to review all the triggered video clips themselves or utilize the expertise and resources of a video review service.

The J. J. Keller® Video Review Service will help your fleet stay on top of video footage by:

  • Screening out false positives, saving you time and money.
  • Providing a prioritized queue of events for coaching and corrective action, including training
  • Fostering greater accountability and commitment to coaching the most severe events.
  • Enhancing driver trust in the process with an initial objective review.
  • Giving you more time to focus on supporting your drivers.

The result? Meaningful improvements in safety, driver retention, and the bottom line.

How it Works

Once dash camera installation is complete, the J. J. Keller team will begin your Video Review Service.


  • Evaluate driver and video system behavior to identify your top risk events
  • Fine-tune camera settings and event triggers
  • Review and discuss J. J. Keller best practice scoring
  • Establish a high level of confidence in the Video Review Service and your J. J. Keller team

Ongoing Deliverables

  • Regular review of driver and video system behavior for prioritization or dismissal
  • Training recommendations for drivers on risky behaviors
  • Recordkeeping for corrective actions and discipline, including review notes, scoring, and event disposition
  • Regularly scheduled meetings to ensure alignment on scoring, driver behaviors, and results
  • Reporting that provides fleet risk trends

Corrective Action Training

The J. J. Keller® Video Review Service also includes access to J. J. Keller corrective action training. Your Video Review Specialists will determine the best training course and make a recommendation.

Proactive coaching and behavior modification are essential elements of a comprehensive safety program. The online corrective action training courses help to stop undesired behaviors and can be completed by the driver in less than five minutes.


  EVENT TYPE Encompass
Essential Profile
Encompass Advanced &
Premium Profile
Base Profile
VideoProtects Pro &
ProPlus Profile
Speed limit violation Speeding/Too Fast for Conditions
Critcal speeding* Speeding/Too Fast for Conditions
Forward collision warning Basic Control/Tailgating
Harsh Acceleration Harsh Acceleration
Harsh Braking Hard Braking
Harsh cornering Hard cornering
Lane Departure Lane Changes/Traffic Lanes
Pedestrian Yielding
Stop sign violation Stop Signs/Traffic Control Devices
Tailgating Tailgating
Cellphone use   Cellphones
Distracted Driver   Distracted Driving
Driver Fatigue   Fatigued Driving Prevention
Seat Belt Alert**   N/A

*Encompass only
**VideoProtects only




No. We will review up to two types of behaviors.

You will have access to all your videos all the time. Our experts review the footage from the two specific events you identify.



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