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Oral-Fluid Drug Testing Services Coming Soon! Trust J. J. Keller to offer the most up-to-date solutions for your DOT Drug & Alcohol Compliance.

DOT Drug & Alcohol Testing Program Management Service

Full-service testing and file management services from experts who know DOT requirements. Read more.

DOT Drug & Alcohol Testing Program Management Service (04696)
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Looking for a hassle-free DOT Drug & Alcohol Testing Program Management Service? Look no further than J. J. Keller, the industry leader in compliance management. With our program, you won't waste time tracking down test results or reconciling invoices. Our experts take care of everything, from selecting the right tests to testing the right people at the right time.

Our comprehensive program includes pre-employment, random selection, reasonable suspicion, post-accident, return-to-duty, follow-up testing, and non-DOT drug-free workplace testing. We also offer full-service testing and file management services to ensure that you stay on top of DOT requirements.

With J. J. Keller, you can trust that your DOT drug and alcohol testing program is being managed by experts who are committed to your compliance and safety. Complete the form to the right now and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your testing program is in good hands.

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Overall Benefits


Ensure Compliance

We closely monitor regulations and manage your program to fully meet DOT requirements.


Minimize Risk & Exposure

Keep drivers on the road safe with a reliable drug and alcohol testing program.


Fast Results

Receive fast notification of positive tests, so you can act immediately. 97% of test results are returned within 48 hours.

Centralized files

Centralized Electronic Files

Your files will be securely stored electronically, accessible 24/7 in the J. J. Keller DataSense web portal.


Reduced Overhead

Minimize costs of in-house expertise & relieve your accounting dept with consolidated billing (One monthly D&A testing bill).


Audit Support

In the event of an audit, J. J. Keller experts will prepare your records and be available for questions throughout the process.

Support your work environment and allow your company to navigate this complex and sensitive topic by making sure you have a comprehensive, effective drug & alcohol policy.

How The Service Works

We Conduct a Policy Review

We review your policy to ensure compliance. If you don't have one, don't worry! We'll help you create one.

We Create Electronic Files & Provide an Initial Audit

We create a centralized driver database by establishing an electronic file for each driver — all file contents are saved electronically, and you have access to them 24/7 in your secure J. J. Keller DataSense online portal. All your operating locations will be in one database. These electronic files help us establish an initial compliance benchmark that we measure against.

We Set Up Clinics

With a nationwide network of over 8,000 clinics, we work with you to set up a clinic near you. If needed, we add additional clinics.

We Establish Drug Testing Pool

We work with you to establish your drug testing pool. Consortium services are available for owner-operators and smaller fleets.

J. J. Keller® Drug & Alcohol Testing Program Management

Going beyond the test to give you a deeper level of service and risk protection.

The J. J. Keller DataSense web portal will keep you informed of the compliance work we're managing on your behalf. In addition to working directly with your assigned compliance specialist, you can access this site to get immediate information on your compliance.

We Manage Ongoing Testing & Communication

Your dedicated compliance specialist will generate random selections and manage communication with clinics, laboratories and Medical Review Officers (MROs) on your behalf.

We Provide Tracking & Reporting

We provide annual statistical tracking and reporting. All driver files and paperwork are available 24/7 through the CIC portal. Your documents will be securely retained electronically at J. J. Keller and purged according to regulatory timelines.

Reports available include:

  • Annual Results Testing Summary — Overview of all D&A tests conducted
  • Testing Report by Test Reason — Details all testing completed
  • MIS Data Collection — Provides the drug and alcohol testing information necessary to complete the DOT's required annual drug and alcohol testing form
  • Random Selection Pool — List of all employees pulled for random selection pool
  • Random Tracking — Corporate report to track the random D&A tests
  • Percent Compliant — Shows the number and percent of active drivers in compliance by location
  • File Deficiencies Report — Drug & alcohol file deficiencies
  • Employee (Driver) List — Overview of drivers & their compliance status

We Help You Comply with the Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse

J. J. Keller will help you understand and comply with the Clearinghouse regulation and how it impacts your fleet.

More than 95% of our customers choose to stay with us year after year!

Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse

Beginning January 6, 2020, fleets will be required to query the DOT's new Clearinghouse database to identify CDL drivers who are prohibited from operating a commercial motor vehicle due to drug and alcohol violations. A query must be performed for each new driver hire, and annually for existing drivers. Fleets will also be required to report certain DOT drug and alcohol violations to the Clearinghouse database when they occur.

How We Can Help:

  • Report alcohol & drug violations on your behalf
  • Track the driver signature and receipt of annual consent for all drivers who must comply with the Clearinghouse
  • Run limited queries on all CDL drivers according to the regulation
  • Run full queries as required due to the results found in the annual limited query
  • Track the policy addendum receipt and maintain instructions to help the driver consent to required queries
  • Pre-employment query on all potential new applicants as requested
  • Download the helpful Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse Checklist

Talk with a compliance specialist today at 833-708-4633. Or, fill out this form and we'll be in touch with you soon!


J. J. Keller will help you develop a DOT or non-regulated driver policy specifically for your company as needed.

Your company identifies who should have access to information based on job function and responsibility. Security measures include incryption of data and password protected access.

No. J. J. Keller manages the communication with clinics and labs on your behalf.

You will be assigned a dedicated account representative with a knowledgeable backup support team.

No. You will receive one detailed invoice from J. J. Keller with summaries for each service provided.

J. J. Keller notifies the client with a traceable mail letter to the designated company contact, and follows up with a phone call to answer any questions.

J. J. Keller offers random selection, reasonable suspicion, post-accident, return-to-duty, and pre-employment testing.

Industry leading turnaround: 97% of tests are returned and posted on your web portal within 48 hours.

Absolutely. J. J. Keller consultants and advisors are available via phone or e-mail to answer your regulatory questions.

J. J. Keller works with over 8,000+ clinics nationwide. If you prefer a clinic that is not a current partner, J. J. Keller will add that clinic to our network at no charge.

J. J. Keller helps ensure that required forms are utilized, including chain-of-custody forms.

A client implementation specialist will work with you and your key staff to implement the drug and alcohol testing process at your company. We'll guide you every step of the way.

J. J. Keller prepares your files for the audit and works closely with you throughout the process. Our goal is to help you easily pass the audit.

J. J. Keller offers a consortium for small companies. Drivers are entered into a random selection pool and selected based on DOT requirements.

J. J. Keller offers a consortium for small companies. Drivers are entered in a random selection pool based on DOT requirements. Pricing for consortium services starts at just one driver.

J. J. Keller works with over 8,000 clinics nationwide. We are constantly adding new clinics. Contact a compliance specialist today to better understand our network of clinics.

Our compliance specialists are available 24/7 to help clients determine if a post-accident test is needed.



Free Drug & Alcohol Resources

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