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Study: 60 percent of truck drivers report MSD pain, discomfort on the job

Holistic approach to driver wellness can help alleviate symptoms

Posted November 5, 2018

A recent Canadian study found nearly 60 percent of truck drivers reported experiencing musculoskeletal (MSD) pain and discomfort, particularly low back pain, on the job. The study’s authors – public health researchers from the University of Waterloo – note that truck driving involves a variety of risk factors that contribute to the development of MSDs, such as lifting, awkward postures, prolonged sitting, whole body vibration, and performing repetitive tasks.

The study points out that while some large Canadian carriers have adopted programs that take a holistic approach to driver wellness, including reducing vibration exposures through improved seating, modifying workloads and physical tasks, and promoting overall wellness through physical activity and healthy eating, more of these types of programs are needed.

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