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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (February 26, 2024)

J. J. Keller Relaunches Industry-Leading Safety & Compliance Training Solution With All-New Features

User-friendly Training Management Center helps employers better oversee training programs in today’s workplaces

Neenah, WI -Amid ever-changing regulations and workplace realities, J. J. Keller & Associates, Inc. is proud to announce the release of a newly enhanced version of its best-in-class online training platform for employers.

Available now, the upgraded J. J. Keller® Training features Training Management Center, an intuitive dashboard that allows users to oversee every aspect of their training program and perform management tasks like course enrollment and reporting from one easy-to-use interface.

Developed with input from industry professionals and J. J. Keller’s own training experts, Training Management Center supports a more flexible, user-friendly experience that will save training coordinators time and frustration, while better connecting learners to the quality training content the company is known for.

Valuable features available directly from the new dashboard include:

  • Easy Access to J. J. Keller’s Training Library: A subscription to J. J. Keller® Training provides 24/7 access to the training catalog. Browse by topic to quickly find what you need among 800+ online E-Learning courses, 200+ streaming videos, and 200+ classroom programs covering workplace safety, transportation, human resources and other compliance areas.
  • Streamlined Enrollment Process: Select and assign training to individuals or groups of learners. Users can even set up training to be taken on a recurring basis.
  • Customizable Reports: Effortlessly track and manage data on training progress, learner history and other key information.
  • RegSense® Tool: Read word-for-word training regulations alongside simplified explanations from experts.
  • Expert Help: Submit questions to J. J. Keller’s in-house training specialists and receive timely, accurate answers.
  • Discussion Board: Share ideas and insights with fellow training professionals from around the country.
  • And More

As work arrangements change, such as the rise of remote work, it’s become even more imperative that employee training is provided in multiple formats that fit employees’ unique situations. Training Management Center makes it easy to locate training in the formats that best suit your employees, from self-paced online courses that can be taken individually, to streaming videos and supplemental materials that can be used in the classroom.

Exciting new training formats are also on the horizon. Virtual reality training will be available soon on the platform, further signifying J. J. Keller’s commitment to providing the most cutting-edge training for modern workplaces. Accessible with a VR headset, these courses will place learners in realistic simulations of safety and compliance scenarios they may encounter at work. Studies have shown virtual training to significantly boost employee engagement and retention of material, leading to more confidence in applying skills on the job.

Like the VR courses, all of J. J. Keller’s training is intentionally designed for the distinct ways in which adults learn. The average adult forgets 25% of what they learn within an hour and 85% within a week. In a hazardous work environment, that forgotten information can mean the difference between safety and injury.

Providing superior safety and compliance training has long been a cornerstone of J. J. Keller’s mission to protect people and the businesses they run. According to President and CEO Rustin Keller, the revamped solution represents a major step forward for the company’s training efforts.

“J. J. Keller has been a premier provider of training solutions for over 40 years,” said Keller. “We were among the first solution providers to offer an extensive library of online courses over 20 years ago, and now I’m extremely excited to launch a new and improved training solution, redesigned from the ground up. The new solution features a cleaner user interface, allows more flexible billing options, and is paving the way for the introduction of new training formats like virtual reality.”

By creating a free account on the J. J. Keller® Training site, users can enroll in any five standard training courses for free. This includes any of the E-Learning, video and classroom program formats. Visit or call 800-327-6868 to learn more.

About J. J. Keller & Associates, Inc.

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