J. J. Keller® Hazardous Materials Compliance & Safety Program

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J. J. Keller® Hazardous Materials Compliance & Safety Program (07932)
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With this consulting service, you'll have an expert working directly with you, on-site at your facilities to build and implement a hazmat compliance program specifically for your company. Lack of a safe, compliant, and consistent program across your organization can put you at risk for an audit or litigation.

This service is designed for companies that want to:

  • Protect their employees and brand from fines, litigation, accidents, violations and DOT scrutiny
  • Have objectivity and real-life best practices
  • Leverage the extensive resources of J. J. Keller
  • Cost-effectively manage compliance

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Program Components

Initial Multi-Modal Hazardous Materials Process Review/Assessment – this will provide direction for the future of your compliance & safety areas of focus.

Classification of Hazmat Products – we'll help you identify and properly classify your products (up to 20).

SDS Form Review for applicable transportation classification information (up to 20).

Written Security Plan Development – for Hazardous Materials Transportation and Site Security.

Hazardous Materials Security Risk Assessment - we'll conduct a security risk assessment as the foundation for your security plan.

Safety & Compliance Calendar - we will set goals with you to ensure your path to compliance is mapped out.

Customized Training – for new hires, required re-training, or other.

Regular Compliance Assessment Reports - continuous regulatory monitoring of your program with periodic reviews and a focus on the CSA BASIC for transports.

Safety Committee Participation – your Advisor is available to participate in key stakeholder safety meetings.

Dedicated Go-To Resource – telephone and email access to your assigned Advisor.

Regulatory Webcasts & Training - monthly regulatory webcasts and up to 1,500 online training points for your employees.

Audit/Intervention Support – we provide you with assistance in DOT audits/interventions.

15% Discount on product orders placed with J. J. Keller (exclusions apply).

Annual Subscription for KellerOnline® or FleetMentor® online service

Program can include EPA Hazardous Waste / RCRA assessments, special permit renewals, and other programs as recommended by your consultant.

Additional Services

Hazardous Materials Compliance Assessment

If you ship, receive or transport hazardous materials, your company must be in compliance with the requirements of the hazardous materials regulations, provide employees with the proper, required training, and follow the guidelines when preparing shipments. How can you make sure you're doing everything right — before you get a knock on the door? Part of the solution for many hazmat shippers, receivers and transporters is scheduling an on-site assessment for Hazardous Materials Compliance.

  • The process review will help you:
    • Evaluate your performance under the hazardous materials regulations
    • Pinpoint compliance issues
    • Establish action plans to correct deficiencies and improve overall compliance
    • Demonstrate your concern for safety compliance
  • The primary components of the process review include:
    • Opening Meeting/Discussion – During this meeting, our consultant will meet with your key personnel to identify and discuss policies, procedures, and other important information that should be considered as part of this process review.
    • The Paperwork Review – The consultant will evaluate and collect information on the protocol and existing procedures for the receipt, procurement, handling, and shipping of hazardous material products.
    • Visual Process Review – During this portion of the process review, the consultant will review the hazardous materials processes that impact employee activities and product classification.
    • Summary & Discussion – Upon completion, the findings will be discussed with your key personnel. In an advisory capacity, the consultant will review problems identified in your current processes and offer best practice solutions.
    • Reporting – A brief summary report will be provided that will outline our findings and provide best practice solutions.


Multi-Modal Training Services — 49CFR & multi-modal

Every hazmat employee as defined in the Federal Hazardous Materials Regulations §171.8, and §172.700 not only requires training every three (3) years, but also must receive training whenever there is a regulatory change affecting a hazmat employee's job task.

This requirement mandates training to ensure that each employee: a) has familiarity with regulations, b) is able to recognize and identify hazardous materials, c) knows the specific regulations pertaining to a specific job function, and d) possesses knowledge of emergency response, self-protection, security, and accident prevention methods and procedures.

  • Key Benefits:
    • Training is on-site at your location, on your schedule. Our consultants are located across the country, accessible when you need them.
    • Course content is tailored to your unique situation.
    • Our consultants are experienced in training adult learners. They apply real world insight to your operation.
    • Consultant-led online training can be incorporated.
    • Completion certificates provided.
  • Training is recommended for:
    • Plant Supervisors
    • Traffic Managers
    • Purchasing Agents
    • Drivers
    • Warehouse & Dock Supervisors
    • Dispatchers
    • Packing & Shipping Clerks
    • Distribution Employees
  • Training topics include:
    • Ground & Air Transport
    • Ground Transportation Training for Shippers, Handlers & Transporters
    • Multi-Modal
    • Training the Trainer

Take a proactive approach to hazardous materials compliance. Call us toll free at 888-473-4638 for a no-obligation discussion. Or, if you prefer, fill out the form at the bottom of the page to learn more!

Managed Services

Managed Services

Let our experienced team of compliance professionals work with you to handle time-consuming compliance management for your drivers, vehicles and employees. Our specialists provide real ROI by eliminating internal costs and paying close attention to your compliance.

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Consulting Services

Get tailored regulatory expertise at your site. Our veteran consultants bring their deep compliance and best practice knowledge to you. You can rely on our expertise in regulations enforced by DOT, OSHA, EPA, DOL and hundreds of state agencies.

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Choose our cloud-based technology to help you manage your workplace and fleet, with anytime, anywhere access. All online services offer a dashboard and easy navigation, to keep you always abreast of regulatory compliance.

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