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Hours of Service Training: Limits - Online Course (017412)
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Hours of Service Training: Limits - Online Course

Helps drivers avoid operating a commercial motor vehicle when fatigued and comply with the hours-of-service limits. Read more.

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Product Codes: 61326, 61327


This program is available for 25 points per seat. A seat is one person assigned to one course. Already have a J. J. Keller® Training account? Click here to log in. If you are a new customer, click here to learn more about Training Points.

The U.S. Department of Transportation's Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has issued four significant Hours of Service (HOS) rule changes for interstate drivers – effective September 29, 2020.  

The four new rule changes will improve safety, increase productivity, and increase flexibility for truck drivers:

  • 30-minute breaks (§395.3(a)(3)) - Drivers can remain "on duty" for their breaks and not have to take a break until completing eight hours of driving time, rather than consecutive time.
  • 100 air-mile exception (§395.1(e)(1)) - Drivers must be done working within 14 consecutive hours. Drivers must remain within a 150 air-mile radius.
  • Split-sleeper provision (§395.1(g)(1)) - Drivers must spend at least 7 hours in a sleeper berth, plus another break to reach 10 hours total. Neither rest period counts against the 14-hour limit.
  • Adverse conditions (§395.1(b)(1)) - Drivers may extend both their driving and on-duty limits by 2 hours.

The Hours of Service Training: Limits course is designed to help drivers avoid operating a commercial motor vehicle when fatigued and comply with the hours-of-service limits by ensuring they understand how each of the limits or clocks work together. It will also help them to know when to take a break and when to rest to restart their hours.

  • The eLearning course covers the following topics:
    • Ill or Fatigued Operator
    • 10-Hour Clock (Off-Duty)
    • 14-Hour (On-Duty) Limit
    • 11-Hour (Driving) Limit
    • 60- and 70-Hour (On-Duty) Limit
    • Interruption of Driving
    • 34-Hour Restart
  • After completing this course, drivers will be able to:
    • Recognize how fatigue requires drivers to stop driving even if they have hours left to legally operate
    • Identify off-duty activities that qualify as a 10-hour break
    • Describe how the 14-hour limit is calculated
    • Identify which duty status the 11-hour limit tracks
    • Determine when to use the 60- or 70-hour limit
    • Identify an exception which resets the 60- or 70-hour limit
    • Explain how to satisfy the 30-minute break required under the interruption of driving provision
    • Differentiate between cumulative and consecutive limits
  • Note: Spanish course will be available November 2020
  • Intended Audience: Property-Carrying CMV Drivers
  • Regs Covered: 49 CFR Part 395
  • Length: 30 minutes
  • Languages: English (61326), Spanish (61327)
  • Copyright Date: 2020

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