FHWA grants $200,000 to investigate overnight truck delivery in congested areas

Attempt to improve freight delivery in New York City and Florida

Posted September 25, 2015

On September 24, 2015, the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) announced $200,000 in grants under its Surface Transportation Research, Development and Deployment Program in order to allow cities with congestion problems to explore shifting many freight delivery and pickups to nighttime and off–peak hours. The grants will fund pilot projects in New York City boroughs and in Pensacola, Florida, to work with large retailers and food companies to research and test the off-hour delivery of goods.

The pilot projects will look at how truck deliveries made outside of peak and rush hours can save time and money for freight carriers, improve air quality and create more sustainable and livable cities. The funding will be used to help businesses retool their operations to accommodate shipments during off hours and distributors reconfigure routes and supply chains by using low-cost operational strategies.

According to a USDOT study done earlier this year, by 2040 the amount of freight moving in the United States will grow by 45 percent. The GROW AMERICA Act, a six-year surface transportation reauthorization proposal that would attempt to address infrastructure issues associated with this growth, would provide $18 billion over six years for targeted investments in freight.

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