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ELD Mandate: Are You Exempt?

ELD Mandate: Are You Exempt?

Recorded on December 28, 2017, this webcast provides critical information about the ELD mandate exemptions.

Failing to follow Hours of Service (HOS) rules are among the top violations that DOT auditors and roadside officers cite every year. Many motor carriers and drivers think they're exempt from all or portions of the HOS rules, including the ELD mandate, but many drivers who think they're exempt are not, while others don't use the exemptions properly.

In this webcast, we’ll answer:

  • Who’s subject to the ELD regulations, and who’s exempt?
  • Is my vehicle too old to need an ELD?
  • When can I use paper logs, logging apps, or time cards?
  • How do the “short-haul” provisions work?
  • Which ELogs are grandfathered, and which ones are not?

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