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(A monthly service fee is also required for the Encompass® online fleet management system. Your monthly service fees will be estimated at the time of checkout.)

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Enter your adapter quantities below. The total number of adapters entered must equal the total number of ELDs you are ordering. Each adapter costs $50 and is required to connect an ELD to a vehicle.

Not sure which adapters you need? View our Adapter Guide or contact an ELD specialist at 1-877-564-2333.

9-Pin Locking Nut 2.5

9-Pin Locking Nut Green

6-Pin Adapter – Class 6-8

16-Pin OBD-II HD 2013+ Adapter – Volvo/Mack

16-Pin OBD-II Adapter – Class 1-6

9-Pin Adapter – Class 6-8

9-Pin Adapter 500KB – Class 6-8

Implementation Training Package (recommended)

With our standard implementation package, you'll receive access to 8 live webcasts delivered by our very own J. J. Keller subject-matter experts — each with unlimited attendance and unlimited use to accommodate your entire team. Explore all features of the Encompass® with ELogs system when it's convenient for you! Drivers will also receive unlimited 24/7 access to our in-house customer support and online learning center.

Start with the Essential Webcasts:

Encompass ELog Basics
Demonstrates how to add your drivers and vehicle records, as well as create mobile usernames and passwords for your employees.
Mobile Application & Configuration
Explains how to download the J. J. Keller KellerMobile® app, install and configure your ELDs.
Reviewing Your E-Data
Demonstrates how to monitor our electronic data and review daily processes.

When You're Ready, Expand Your Knowledge with 5 Other Webcasts Focusing on:

  • Driver Management Basics
  • Encompass Log Scanning
  • Vehicle Management Basics
  • Unit Maintenance, Parts & Inventory
  • Hiring Process

For just a small fee, you and your fleet users will have access to all of these instructor-lead webcasts where you'll learn how to set up Encompass, use the mobile app and review your Hours of Service. Don't go at it alone!

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*Encompass® service plan is required. J. J. Keller will charge your credit card at the end of each monthly billing period commencing as of the activation date of your J. J. Keller® Encompass® ELogs account registration. A minimum monthly charge of at least $20.00 will be applied when billing is less than $20.00 for fleets with two or more vehicles.