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  • Plastic Trailer Seal
    Plastic seals help protect cargo against tampering and theft. Varying lengths and personalization available. Minimum order quantity of 100.
    4.8-Star Rating (16)
  • Tug-Tight Plastic Seals
    Plastic seal features ribbed cord in varying lengths. Helps protect cargo against tampering & theft. Break strength 40 lbs. Personalization available.
    5.0-Star Rating (6)
  • Domino SP Security Seals
    Metal seal features a plastic head with a clear inspection window for visual inspection of locking mechanism. Helps protect cargo against tampering & theft. Personalization available.
  • Plastic Padlock Security Seal
    Easy application & removal. Help secure first aid kits, food/beverage carts & healthcare boxes. Break strength 15 lbs. Varying colors, personalization, barcoding available.
Products: (  1 - 4 of 4  )