Tractor-Trailer Driver Training Manual (01073)
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Tractor-Trailer Driver Training Manual

Accurate, up-to-date training that helps student drivers to be knowledgeable, skilled, professional, and safe. Read more.

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  • Helps you meet FMCSA's entry-level driver training requirements, covering all four areas (driver qualification, hours of service, driver wellness, and whistleblower protection) new drivers need to be trained on (required until February 7, 2020)
  • Increase your students' skill level by teaching them the basics of safe driving techniques and providing them with up-to-date regulatory info
  • Based on the FHWA Model Curriculum; follows Professional Truck Driver Institute (PTDI) curriculum standards
  • Features include the following:
    • An introduction, learning objectives, and review quiz for each chapter
    • CDL test preparation quizzes
    • A truck system troubleshooting section
    • Full-color illustrations, photos, tables, and charts
    • An updated, user-friendly design
  • Also covers important topics like CSA, vehicle inspection, backing, coupling and uncoupling, speed & space management, extreme driving conditions, emergency maneuvers, handling cargo, hours of service, and more
  • Perfect bound with scuff-resistant laminated cover, 500 pages
  • Make the most of your training with the J. J. Keller® Tractor-Trailer Driver Training Instructor’s Supplement. Includes best practices and tips for teaching your students the fundamentals of safe, professional driving.

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Tractor-Trailer Driver Training Manual


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Tractor-Trailer Driver Training Manual
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More Information

This comprehensive manual includes chapters on the following:

  • CSA – Safety Measurement System (SMS), the seven BASICs, interventions, and the driver’s role in CSA
  • Control Systems - engine controls, vehicle instruments, primary and secondary controls
  • Vehicle Inspection - pre-trip, en-route, and post-trip inspection procedures
  • Basic Controls - starting, warming up, and shutting down the engine; putting the vehicle in motion, straight line backing, turning the vehicle
  • Shifting - shift patterns and procedures, shifting manual, automatic and semi-automatic transmissions
  • Backing - backing procedures, basic backing maneuvers
  • Coupling & Uncoupling - coupling and uncoupling procedures
  • Special Rigs - oversized vehicles, special cargo vehicles, special handling vehicles
  • Visual Search - seeing ahead and to the sides, using mirrors, seeing to the rear
  • Communication - communicating intent and presence; misuse of communications
  • Speed Management - stopping distance, speed and surface conditions, speed and traffic flow, use/misuse of cruise control
  • Space Management – managing space, turning space, space when crossing and entering traffic
  • Night Operations - night driving factors and procedures
  • Extreme Driving Conditions - adverse weather, tire chains, hot weather, mountain driving
  • Hazard Perception - road characteristics, road user characteristics
  • Emergency Maneuvers - evasive steering, emergency stopping, brake failure, blowouts
  • Skid Control & Recovery - skid dynamics, tractor-trailer skids, skid recovery
  • Vehicle Systems - the key parts of the tractor-trailer (frame, engine, suspension, etc.)
  • Preventive Maintenance & Servicing - types of maintenance, regulatory requirements
  • Diagnosing & Reporting Malfunctions - troubleshooting
  • Handling Cargo - cargo securement, safe loading responsibilities, loading/unloading tools
  • Cargo Documentation - definitions, shipping documents, pick-up and delivery procedures
  • Hours of Service - driving and on-duty rules, use of the record of duty status/electronic logging device (ELD), commonly used exceptions
  • Accident Procedures - steps to take at an accident scene, reporting and recording accidents
  • Personal Health and Safety – personal health and driving, stress, fatigue, alcohol, and drugs, safety equipment and practices
  • Trip Planning - recordkeeping and trip reports; estimating time, fuel, and money
  • Public & Employer Relations (Trucking Professional) - customer relations, applying for a job, whistleblower protections
  • Railroad Crossings - recognizing dangers/hazards; safety procedures
  • Hazardous Materials - classes and divisions, loading and unloading, shipping papers


Information about the following topics was added:

  • Electronic logging devices (ELDs): The new requirements effective 12/18/2017.
  • Supporting documents: The new requirements effective 12/18/2017.
  • Coercion: FMCSA’s new driver coercion rule that is now in effect.

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