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North American Standard Out-of-Service Criteria Handbook and Pictorial Edition (01979)
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North American Standard Out-of-Service Criteria Handbook and Pictorial Edition

Prepare for roadside inspections and help improve CMV safety with this must-have CVSA handbook. Read more.

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  • Identifies Critical Vehicle Inspection Items following a roadside inspection
  • Details criteria that can prohibit a motor carrier or operator from driving or operating a commercial motor vehicle for a specified period of time or until the condition is corrected
  • Includes a full set of CVSA Inspection Schematics:
    • North American Standard Level I Inspection Procedure
    • North American Standard Level I Passenger Vehicle Inspection Procedure
    • North American Standard Hazardous Materials/Transportation of Dangerous Goods Inspection Procedure
    • North American Standard Cargo Tank and Other Bulk Packaging's Inspection Procedure
    • Mexican CDL: Licencia Federal de Conductor
    • ABS Inspection Procedure: Canadian Field Reference
    • ABS Inspection Procedure: U.S. Field Reference
    • North American Standard Inspection Procedure for Performance-Based Brake Testing
  • Spiral bound, laminated, 230 pages
  • 2020 edition is effective April 1, 2020, through March 31, 2021

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Spiral Bound - 2020 Edition


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Spiral Bound - 2020 Edition
Spiral Bound
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2020 Updates

Part 1 (Driver OOS) changes:


  • Item 2a: Edited to add CDL not required vehicles to close a hole accidently created related to CDL exempt drivers
  • Item 2b and 3C: Edited to add what a dangerous goods training certificate must include
  • Item 7: Removed reference to 392.4(a) from the item’s title
  • New item 7c: Added clearinghouse check returns prohibited under §382.501
  • Item 9: Removed AOBRD references from HOS
  • Item 9 Footnotes 11-14: Updated to formalize 10-hour OOS for no ELD when required
  • Item 10h: Edits due to Canada’s HOS changes
  • Item 11a-11h: Edits due to Mexico’s HOS changes

Part 2 (Vehicle OOS) changes:

  • Item 1a: Clamp-type brake chamber charts: Includes new chamber marking (letter codes)
  • Item 11d: Sway bars removed from the criteria
  • Item 1e: Parking brake edited; no mechanical means to hold parking brake, no parking brake
  • Item 12a: Tire rating on one tire on an axle is enough to issue an OOS violation
  • Item 16a (1): Bus emergency exits not marked or has obstructed marking or mechanism added (obstructed was already there, added marking and handles)
  • Item 16a (2): A marked emergency exit, even if it is extra when the exits are calculated, must meet the requirements

Part 3 (Hazmat OOS) changes:

  • Item 3c: Edited “large means of containment” for Canadian reference (bulk in US)
  • Item 3d: All fasteners on a done/manhole cover must be at least hand tight
  • Item 6: Edited “small means of containment” for Canadian reference (non-bulk in US)
  • Item 10a: Added required details on Emergency Response Assistance Plan (ERAP) (Canadian emergency information)

Inspection bulletin changes:

  • New: Under 21 pilot program drivers
  • New: UCR bulletin
  • New: CDLIS/QC showing Clearinghouse status.

Operational Policy 15 topics updated including:

  • Audible air leak
  • Cargo securement banding/shrink wrap
  • Crushed vehicles
  • Using one chain for two tiedowns
  • Trailer stack securement
  • Spare fuses


  • Added glossary
  • Canadian license requirement updated
  • Inspection procedures schematics update
  • Updates to reflect Associated Press style guide


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